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  • Today's market

    Omigosh what a day! The heat was made tons worse by the humidity (drainage ditches and low areas are still white water rivers right now). We were utterly miserable.

    Sold 11 bars of soap and one soap guitars but tons of interest for Christmas shopping - people saying they'd be back next month...we'll see.

    I took the baby love bird along and fed him lots, and changed his cloth lots...he's pooping like a real bird!! That's a good sign - he's not only eating, but all systems are go! He's also getting very fuzzy - so cute. And he chirps like crazy when I pick him up. Awww, he knows his mommy... =)

    Surrounding booths did great biz - with their Mexican imports and various franchises for this and that. Very little hand made artisan items.

    Anybody else have markets this weekend? I think Ali does...

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    It sounds promising for next month then. It's so frustrating when people do that though isnt it - why dont they just take the bull by the horns and buy what they like on the spot?!

    Im so glad little love bird is doing so well - has he got a name yet?!


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      At least you had good weather Susan. So pleased your little orphan has picked up. Dare we give it a name yet or is that tempting providence. I think folk are keeping their money in their pocket for a few weeks now ready for the run-up to Christmas.
      God helps them that help themselves.


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        Lets hope those folks come back to see you with money in hands next time but at least you made a few sales and the weather was good. Sure beats the fairs I have done where I've sold nothing and the weather was FREEZING!
        Bespoke clothing for your little angels!/angelic.folk?ref=profile


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          weather is actually ok in London today! no market or fairs for me today....i havent done anything crafty for a while either!
          hope all those customers come back to you.



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            We really think that September is simply not a good month. Summer vacations are over, school is starting...people don't want to spend money. But starting next month they'll be looking towards our fingers are crossed.

            And we just signed on for a one day market in Houston - we think we'll sell out! (Ever hopeful!)


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              I went to my local farmers market today, not a huge amount of people , in fact rather quiet, but I was really pleased to sell £50's worth of jewellery.
              There was a teenager there having her first stall selling button earrings and felt flowers, she sold a few so it was a nice encouragement for her and I have 'taken her under my wing' and given her a few tips for selling and a couple of quick lessons in making loops, wrapped loops and simple rings that she can make with her buttons. She is coming again next month and it will be lovely to see how she progresses.



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                My farmers market was wet. The rain came down as we set up and the canopys were catching water!
                Goodish for a september. My ethos is setting up sales for the coming months and promoting my christmas events. Did a few sales and set up a talk to a ladies group.
                so all in all, definately worth going for.
                full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                  Hi Susan

                  You are right - I did have a fair this weekend! You're like my social secretary! Yesterday was miserable - very, very windy and wet (we were fortunately in a marquee so just suffered squeaking metal and getting beaten up by flapping walls - it was not so nice for those outside in gazebos) but nevertheless a few hardy souls turned up and spent money so I was pleased with the day overall. Today - well, what a difference, bright sunshine, calm winds and lots and lots of happy campers!

                  A great weekend overall but tiring as always. Got a few orders for new stuff and need to make lots of new stock ready for next weekend when we do it all over again! Even sold Christmas decorations this weekend so some people definitely seem to be thinking ahead...

                  Really pleased that fuzzy wuv is doing well. Fuzzy-Mummy-Grammie - you are the best!
                  Ali x

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                    Hi Susan
                    I don`t care how hot and humid it is I would still love to be there . We had such a lovely holiday in Texas and can`t wait to visit again.
                    where and when is your market in Houston I will tell my ex sil to come and buy some of your soaps.


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                      Zounds, we're in!!! That is to say, my husband is in, with his guitars...


                      The main reason I am not "in" is because he didn't mention me in the application......hmpf. He said we'll just check it out this time and then do it again in the spring and we'll ask if I can be in the booth, too. I am mildly miffed.


                      The little love bird is Mr. Fancy Pants and will most likely be called simply "Fancy."


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                        Sally, tell your un-SIL that I will bring a couple of bars for her - free - and if they decide they don't want to go to the market, that's fine, it's not a big deal! What should I bring - I have peach, pinapple, pumpkin pie, rose, cranberry, lavender...