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  • LloydsTSB...useless lot!

    I'm miffed.....

    My debit card ran out at midnight last night, but it was ok, or so I thought, I've got my new one.

    The new one has a new card number completely different to the expired card. So I needed to change the card numbers on things like my online phone top up, PayPal and a few others.....none of them would accept the new card!!!

    I couldn't figure this out, so I popped over to the cash machine and tried the new one in there...nope, it wasn't playing. I can't use my old card as that one has expired, I tried but nothing doing. There's cash in the account, so that's not the problem either.

    So, now I have to take time out on Monday, when I'm shop-sitting for my Mother in Law, and close the shop to go and rant at Lloyds. So I could be losing custom on the MiL's behalf here..... And Heaven only knows how long it'll take them to issue a new card

    It's so cross-making!

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    new cards are usually 7 days!

    My DH finds that lots of online things won't take his card as he has an issue number that doesn't register. He ordered a new one and guess what... yep.... it turned up with the same issue number!
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      Count My Blessings...

      BBd...just read about your friend on the other thread!

      I'm only inconvenienced and a tad cross. I'm also miffed as I've just discovered the thermostat has gone on my oven and I've incenerated a dozen croissants and a cherry & almond tart this morning, but that's nothing compared to other people's problems!

      I'm counting myself lucky....I shall take my frustrations out on Lloyds on Monday!

      I do hope life gets better for your friend!

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        Thanks Jules!
        i'm just praying that if the rain does come back today that she'll be spared another deluge!
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          I've heard of someone else having all sorts of problems with a bank merger on an other forum. They hadn't received there new card or anything. These banks seem to be getting to big for their shoes and have forgotten about good old fashioned customer relationships. Hope you get it sorted on Monday.
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            How Stupid Am I?


            Who cut up her card on the wrong day? And why won't the new card work? Because today is only the 30th of June, not July 1st.......

            Hell's Bell's and buckets of blood........

            Bit of a blonde/senior moment there.......

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              Oh Oh

              You can't take out your pent up rage on Llyods now!!!

              Never mind I have lots and lots of these senior moments - I swear it is dementia kicking in a bit early!!


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                it's funny coz I was thinking how strange to have a card that doesn't tie in with the end of the month!
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