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Craft forum swap summer 2007

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  • Craft forum swap summer 2007

    In response to the enthusiastic swap thread we have decided to run a crafting swap:
    The format will be as follows:
    each member who signs up for the swap will put together a kit. The kit should comprise of a selection of materials related to your own favourite craft. (eg. a card maker would enclose all the card stock and backing paper, peel off's cut outs etc. A beader would put together a bracelet kit or similar)
    You should enclose simple instructions to enable your secret crafter to complete the project. This is a great way to get to try out different crafts.
    The price limit would be approx £5.00.
    If your craft is not suitable for creating a kit, then you may still sign up and submit a completed product.
    You will be told who you are making for but not who is making a kit for you.
    Sign ups are open to those who have been a member of the forum for one month + on the close of sign ups.
    Please do not sign up if you feel that you may not have the time to complete the task. We do not want dissapointed crafters.
    To sign up please submit your name to the thread below and pm me your name and address.
    Sign ups close at 12 noon on friday 6th July. You will be notified as soon as possible after that time, the name of your recipient. Kits should be sent out by friday 20th July (start of the summer hols!)
    Please post a picture of your completed item in the gallery once you have received your kit.
    full time mum and very very part time crafter.

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    Sign me up
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      Yey, sounds like fun!!
      Sign me up!!


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        Sign me up for that too!!



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          Sounds like a great idea BBD but can I just check that I understand it properly....

          1. Someone would send me a kit with instructions (and I'd send someone else a kit too).

          2. I'd then make up the kit

          3. I'd then send the completed item to someone else not the original kit sender.

          Have I got it?
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            I think that you send somebody a kit and they send you one - you will know who you are sending them too but you won't know who is sending to you. The idea is that you try crafts that you haven't before and then you get to keep the item you have made - hopefully sparking off an interest in a new craft! I think thats right anyway - BBD will tell you if not!

            correct!!! sorry swirly.... i did it again and pressed edit not quote!!! BBD
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              Aha that makes more sense I get it now - doesn't take much to confuse me at the mo

              In that case yes please sign me up for it
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                Count me in...........will offer a set of cabochons which could be used for any amount of things.

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                  Sounds like a fantastic idea ... count me in too.

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                    Me too!!!!
                    I take it the £5 bit is the limit on the cost of the materials in putting the pack together?
                    I can't wait!!!


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                      Come on... any more sign up's closing day is Friday!
                      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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                        Thought i'd bump this up to make sure everyone's seen it!!!


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                          sign me up too , sounds great!
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                            Sign me up. Any excuse to get goodies through the post!

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                              Closing date is tomorrow night. Will sort out on saturday.
                              The following people are registered and if PM appears next to your name can you PM me your name and address etc.

                              Icecream girl
                              Sugar and Spice
                              Potter doodle do
                              natty net
                              Candles by Lisa
                              Zebra PM
                              Heavenly girl PM
                              Sparkles PM
                              Beads By Design
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                              full time mum and very very part time crafter.