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    Our two girlies were spayed yesterday. Huge bill of £200+.....

    Got them home at teatime, delighted to have them back, and settled them into the bathroom (big & warm) for the night with cushions, poached chicken & rice etc.

    We then settled down to watch Pirate of the Carribean 2. Every 20 minutes or so someone checks the moggs. Third of the way through the film, DD goes up to check the cats followed by blood curdling scream which doesn't seem to be from any Pirate.....

    Cleo, in an effort to escape the Elizabethan collar the vet has insisted she wears, has managed to damage her stitches. Lots of blood smears up the walls, pink thingies hanging out of the now open wound, daughter white as a sheet....

    Phone vet at 8.30pm, amd take Cleo back to the vet. More surgery follows, under a heavy sedation. No anaesthetic because she's decides to keep her overnight.

    We're just off to collect her and an even huger bill from the's now fine, my bank balance is screaming in distress....

    Happy Saturday everyone....!!

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    But you luv em really!!!

    happy bathroom cleaning for you!
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      At least she is alright. My friends dog cut his foot on some glass last night - he's having surgery today as he's damaged the tendon. Bet that'll be a big bill.
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        Pets are a nightmare but it doesn't stop us loving them does it?!

        We'd had a our dog for about 6 weeks. We got 6 weeks pet insurance with her when we got her from the rescue home. My BF took her over the field one morning and came back with her in his arms - she'd managed to put all the ligaments in her back leg in her eagerness to chase a ball!

        Typically, the insurance had run out by a day (and I had planned to get it too, just didn't want it with that insurance company, so was going to shop around - typical!!!).

        Oh well, should it happen again I pay my insurance every month, so apart from the excess I should be covered (unless she does the same thing again of course, in which case they won't pay for that! So what are the bets that if she does injure herself - and I hope she doesn't - it will be there!?).

        Oh well, she's worth it!!!!
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          tell me about it - i have three moggie toms, all brothers, they are eight now but when they were kittens, one of them, cost me £1000 before he was even two months old!!!! as you can imagine, he is especially my favourite and no one dare say anything horrible about him - lol -
          but they are badly pains up the bottoms, what with bringing birds home - lol - etc etc
          i do love them though!!! - honestly...
          Deanne x

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            I've got insurance for my cat and thank goodness I have - about 5 years ago he had an obstruction in his bile duct and, at death's door, had emergency surgery, then had a hernia, and loads of aftercare.

            The fantastic vet saved his life but the bill was £1300. Thank you Tesco Pet Insurance!!!

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              ....big big Phew!!!!

              Collected Cleo from the vets. They had to open her up completely and restitch everything! Apparently there are three layers to stitch up, as well as the bits where things were removed. And Cleo had ruptured every stitch....lord only knows how she managed it!

              Besides thinking about her, I was panicking about the bill. They had to call a vetinary nurse out as there were no other animals being kept in over night, then the vet call out fee, surgery fee, antibugs & other medications, the drain they've put in, then VAT.....OMG!!!

              And the bill came to....

              £39.97!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!

              I was gobsmacked to say the least!

              And the nurse called in to sit with Cleo cuddled her all night too, because she was there on her lonesome!

              I've ordered a selection box from a chocolatier friend of ours and we'll take it round when the moggs have their stitches out with a nice thank you card.

              Relieved to have a well cat and a (reasonably) well bank account? Oooohhh yes.....

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                pampered cat!! and nurse!
                that's a very resonably sounding bill!
                I used to love the chocky's from patients!!!!!
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                  Gosh, very reasonable bill, I wish I had your vet.
                  I got back from holiday on Saturday to discover one of the cats had gone totally doolally. My brother (who obviously doesnt know anything about cats) had been looking after him and didnt seem to have realised how loopy he was. We planned to take him to vets on Monday morning but by Sunday night he didnt seem to know where he was, what he was doing and he was panting like a dog. We called the vet at 11pm and took him down to the surgery.
                  Apparently he has an extremely rare illness which means he has been producing too much blood (or red cells in his blood) he has over twice as much as he should and its really thick so it wasnt carrying oxygen to his brain and hence why he went doolally. We are still waiting more test. At the moment the problem is being solved by taking blood from him.
                  The bill is currently running at £600 and he is back in on tuesday for sedation and more blood letting. Its a good job we love him to bits!!!!!

                  He repayed me last night by jumping from the top of a 5ft tall cupboard which is about 3 ft from my bed and landing slap bang in the middle of my stomach at 3 a.m., I nearly had a heart attack!!!!

                  Cats are ace arent they .

                  Paula x