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  • Achieved much this morning??

    So with this being such a lovely day, what have you all achieved this morning??I'm feeling quite pleased, after taking doogie for a walk i cycled into town to get some shopping, then after doing a bit of housework i've made two necklaces.... but....The biggest achievement today is that i have at last sorted out my bead mountain....I have sorted all the beads that have found themselves all over the spare room, and i at last 'recycled' some jewellery that was made a while ago but i decided i no longer like, there had been a growing pile of stuff that either needed taken apart or 'redone' but now the pile is no longer!!! Just had lunch in the garden and am about to iron my stuff to go to work...So what about you lot what have you done (apart from chat on here??)

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    Spent the whole day in work. Getting ready to go home and start on some orders, hang out washing, make dinner the usual bumph!!


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      I made 1 necklace which is a bit uneven so I may have to rejig it.

      I also bought apacket of Mint Crumbles form M&S and Im trying not to eat them.
      If I leave here without eating anymore, it will be a major achievement.

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        Bit o' this, Bit o' that....

        ......Paid some bills (boo hiss), took Himself to the doctors. He's got to have liver, kidney and gallbladder scans and now has three more drugs to add to his repertoire..

        Did three oads of washing and decided the whole family needs new undies, so whilst Himself was in the Doc's being poked & prodded, I popped in to Matalan.

        Also went into Boots and spoke to a young thing about a new foundation. I think I've been buying the wrong shade for years. Whilst Himself was raiding the ********, I bought a new Almay foundation athalf price as it's discontinued, so you can guarantee it'll be a favourite of mine now you can't buy it any more! And some green stuff which is a colour correcting make up base...on me it'll just look like the little green men from Mars....

        Now I'm photostating craft fair booking printer takes an age to copy anything. Also composing a list of stuff we need to pack ready for the offski on Thursday....never going to get it all in the car...

        Jacket spuds, sausages, baby corn & salad for supper...going to start the spuds off shortly.

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