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Charity Shops...Love 'Em!

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  • Charity Shops...Love 'Em!

    Just popped into our local hospice charity shop..

    Two huge whicker shopping baskets, the biggest laundry basket you ever saw and an ergo-thingy swivel chair for Himself...all for £21!!

    The two shopping baskets are just awaiting a scrub, then I'll line them with posh fabrics. The laundry basket has just tidied up my landing, and Himself is busy playing at Magnus Magnusson downstairs.......

    What a bargain!

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    Well done!!Very eco friendly way of recycling!!

    I used to live in charity shops, but since I found jewellery making I rarely go in them.

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      I will need to pop in we have tons of charity shops about. Never thought of them for holders and things!!!

      Cheers Jules.


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        I luuurve charity shops, especially if you go to ones in posh areas. Some of them near us have put prices up to silly money, but you can still get really good things if you search. I looked everywhere for a frame to go with a print I bought my flatmate for Christmas, the only one I could find that was big enough was £16 and not very nice. We went to Dorking at New Year for the antiques shops [or do I mean Woking? always mix them up] and in a British Heart Foundation shop we found a lovely wooden frame, exactly the right size, for £3.50.

        Our local ones are very useful for donating stuff too as well, we have 3 within staggering-with-a-big-black-bag distance.
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