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  • So tired

    Can't believe how tired I am, December is exhausting and it's only just begun! What with opening our shop for late night shopping and also doing lots of late night shopping myself (eeek still haven't bought half the pressies) I found myself asleep on the sofa at 9.30pm last night and woke this morning still there after hubby put a duvet over me as he tells me I refused to move and go upstairs!!!

    And now I'm up I have to do some of the housework that didn't get done in the week before going off to work. Next week looks just as busy with visiting friends and some of our friends (and their new buba) are visiting here from Cardiff for a few days too. Love seeing them all and I suppose I've got the week between Christmas and New Year to sleep. God I feel old sometimes
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    I'm always falling asleep on the sofa.

    I was really peed off during the night. Eldest son somehow got his alarm to go off at 3.33am. Woke the whole house up and next doors babies! He's not very popular!
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      yes decembre is very busy for me also i do late nights as well as going in at 6pm to make beauty products i have done this for the past 2 yrs love it though and i close xmas eve till middle of january as everyone gets beauty gift sets for xmas


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        sleeping on the sofa must be popular. My hubby does it on a regular basis. I'm just pleased I've done my Xmas shopping. Wishing I hadn't fed my daughter a beany baby food yesterday though she had a bad nights sleep and was trumping it all out!
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          Do you know I had the best night sleep in ages - probably because hubby wasn't stealing the duvet all bloomin' night like usual!

          I like the idea of shutting until mid January Rachel - I was shut the first week of Jan last year and don't think I missed much trade as the other shop owners said it was very quiet but it was the week we got lots of snow and ice so fingers crossed it won't be as quiet this year.

          And possibly a bit TMI Indri - yuck
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            I know how you feel - at least we can rest after Christmas
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