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  • Answer a Question with a crafty question?

    Its time to be a politician...

    What craft do you enjoy most ?

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    Hover craft.... no seriously...I havnt tried all crafts but jewellery making for me, creative, colourful and a sense of achievement when its done, wether it takes 10 minutes or hours each piece.

    I think plaster of paris would be good as well, I did some when i was little and loved it.Is it considered a craft?

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      Depends what you use the plaster of paris with.

      Would it be to plaster a broken leg or make a model?

      (this is a hard one Mr Media!!!!)


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        For me it's beaded jewellery (as in beadweaving), and coming a very close second is Precious Metal Clay. Love them both, and love thinking up ways to really use them together.


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          I'm a card maker so that would be my craft I suppose, but there is a craft to choosing colours and designing papers which is my job..and my first that a craft?
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            .....I think I spend as much, if not more time matching them, or co-ordinating them in readiness for a project.

            I can spend hours lost in contemplation of some or all my fabrics spread out on the cutting table.....ostensibly putting them together for projects, but really just enjoying them...their colours, textures, patterns, designs.

            I don't care if it's's such therapy to me, and it's an integral part of who I am (sad, or not..)

            I hope everyone gets the same enjoyment out of their crafts, as I do mine.

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              EASY question!!!

              Quilling is my favourite by far. I have dabbled in other things, but I find quilling really versatile. I've quilled jewellery, pictures, cards, models.....

              I have done cross stitch (which is ok but a bit samey after a while), knitting (which I'm hopeless at - keep dropping stitches), fimo (which didn't inspire me too much), pottery (can't afford a kiln so only did it at school), toy making (which I enjoy, but then don't like to give away toys so keep them and there are only so many soft toys you want when you're knocking on for 30).

              I'm sticking to the one craft now so I don't get too much craft stuff cluttering my house (too late for that as I have loads)... is that a good idea?
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                I love mosaics but have just made a few pais of earrings and really enjoyed it. Beads are so pretty, have spent hours gazing at the over the internet!!! Still love mosaics though, the problem is my main love is making mirrors and now I have an awful lot of them!!! Have just been looking at using other materials so that should be exciting !!!
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                  It used to be cross-stitching, then making dolls, then knitting, right now it's decorating!

                  The only craft I haven't tried is anything to do with card or paper, I prefer working with fabric. But I would like to have another go at wood carving, it was my best subject at school!

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