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How did you choose your forum name/business name

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  • How did you choose your forum name/business name

    There's so many wonderful and unusual names on here I just wondered how people chose them and whether there's any stories behind them.

    Mine are quite boring actually - my user name, well it's my name! surname is Dawes. needed something I would remember as I'm rubbish and have so many different user names for different things.

    My business name is The Jewellery Girl, purely because OH wanted to buy me a domain and said it should have the word jewellery in it to help with google indexing etc, so spent ages checking for available domains, like jewellery box, jewellery house, jewellery hut everything was either taken or really expensive then I suggested girl and a domain was available for £5 for 3 years! So then we had my business name.

    My Webpage (finally finished - ish!)

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    So many little time!

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    Hi Nicola,

    my user name, which is also my business name, is a combination of my nan's name and mum's name. My nan sadly passed away in feb and I wanted to name my business after her as she was the one who taught me how to sew but I also wanted to use mums name. Nan's name was iris and everything I tried in google was already taken. After speaking to a work colleague I decided to turn Iris around and add the end of mum's name (Tina) and came up with Sirinadesigns.

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      Hi, my forum name explanation is pretty dull I think. I've always had some kind of creative project on the go and at the moment it's jewellery, hence - 'the jewellery project'. But although it's my current creative project it's also intended to be a charity fund-raiser. So, when customers ask me what the Jewellery Project is I say that it's a project whereby I make and sell jewellery to raise charity funds (currently supporting a little clinic in Tibet).



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        my name on here is my ebay name which comes about because of Mel +my hubbys name on ebay had v5 on the end and to help me remember mine when I first set my own up I adopted it too. He had it cos he had a v5 car so it really has no real meaning for me at all ha ha!
        My business name is only very recent and is Safimel Cards and Pendants made up from my name and my sons names Sam and Finley.


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          Precious is my online nickname and I even have it tattoo'd on the back of my neck! My OH said he wants to see me with a 'precious' empire in 10 years so I have many strands to my business name- my tweet is precioustweetie, I have 2 blogs, etc, etc......

          The name Precious is from when I worked for an emergency lifeline for the elderly and I took a call one day from a lady who was in her 90's called something like mary smith but she called herself precious and I thought that was darn cool so I adopted it on msn and it stuck!

          Precious(has the biggest web-presence ever- check out all my links I have more than they will allow in a sig!!)
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            Bodrighy is the name of the house I was born in down on the lizard. The original got burnt down about 20 years ago. Never been able to find out what it means though. Hope it isn't something rude

            "Where the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art" ... Leonardo Da Vinci



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              Both are dead simple really.

              Forum... when it comes to forums, I am a member of a lot of different ones, and tend to use one of three user names, makes it easier for me to remember login details. Delta was the name picked for the first forum I ever registered at as it was a forum to do with Concorde and I wanted something to do with that, so picked Delta after the wing shape (although it's not strictly speaking a delta shape, more of an ogee!)

              Business.... again, I am a simple girl, Jo cos that's my name, and Beaded Designs cos that's what I do.


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                Greannan, is the name of a house we lived in on the Isle of Arran, where we spent many happy years - it is Gaelic for "the sun always shines"

                Just Soaps - was because, we are ethical and green, and when we started that is all we did - now we are just Soaps and Body Care as we do so much more.

                Twitter JUSTSOAPS
                Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soaps and Skincare free from SLS, Parabens, and other Nasties


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                  Fluffy Squirrel is the user name I use for a lot of things as it was a nickname I adopted a few years ago when hubby and I were heavily involved in the modified car scene... hubby is "Badger" - ever since then the names have stuck.

                  The other one I use on Twitter, etc is "Eljay1980" - my initials spelt out (Laura Jane) and I was born in 1980. Not very original lol.

                  Our website is - this was started back in 2006 when botho a friend and I were making our cards together, hence "Laura and Margaret" and the rest is self explanatory.

                  Our banner, business cards, etc now read "Cards & Candles For All Occaions" since hubby got re-involved with his candles in 2007

                  Nothing very original I'm afraid... very straight to the point and self explanatory lol.


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                    Mines quite boring....MissSearles on forums and for website as thats my name!
                    As of October next year the business name changes to 'Marvellous MrsConway' it means that I have to create new shops on etsy and folksy with that name and aslo a new blog but I dont mind as I've decided i've used this year as a bit of a trial run to see how things work out business wise and I've already startedto try and create hype about its launch
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                      I went on an amazing adventure to Madagascar 4 1/2 years ago in search of lemurs. One of my favourites was the indri - the largest lemur species still alive. They make sounds across the rainforest that sound like whale song. I'd hear them every morning and evening from my hotel [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-4598.gif[/IMG] which was pretty fab! I really wanted to see some tenrecs too (they are spiny a bit like hedgehogs) but we went in their winter so they were hibernating. [IMG]http://*****************/xmas-smiley-4590.gif[/IMG]
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                        Business names

                        Minky was my childhood nickname and the magic got added on when I learnt to drive!
                        My business name is now VIA by MZM, which just stands for Vintage Inspired Accessories by Marie Zvezda Monro
                        Ivory Bird Jewellery Blog
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                          very interesting reading all the reasons for names on here,i dont know why i have this name will try to find out........oh the OH has just reminded me that i,m invovled with marble and then she called me Mark so perhaps theres a link.anyway must go as i must be in the doghouse now as she called me Mark....


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                            A long time ago I thought of selling my craft work but didn't have the time or confidence, then I found myself redundant and the idea resurrected itself. I wanted a name that allowed for expansion into other craft realms various names came to me but I often found they were already in use. So when I joined the craft forum I wa faced again with the name letter number as my name is christine (quite common) I was fed up with this so I tried the business name that I was favouring at the time 'Blossom Crafts' and it was free fantastic. Blossom Crafts to represents what is happening to my crafts they are blossoming. I have since opened a folksy shop and have 3 christmas fairs to attend.




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                              Prudence is my Airedale Terrier's name. When she is very good we call her princess Prudence... it's catchy!
                              Princess Prudence
                              Keep Calm and Carry on!
                              I just love to sew and make things!

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