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I'm off out tonight.........

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  • I'm off out tonight.........

    ........ going to see Lionel Ritchie he is at the SECC. I was really looking forward to it cause we have had the tickets booked for a long time but, I saw an audience with Lionel Ritchie a little while ago. He did this terrible cockney accent - I am telling you made **** Van Dyke in Mary Poppins sound like Shakespear quoting Hamlet - he kept doing it over and over drove me batty.

    Then I read in the papers that he had performed in Ireland, it was great - just like a Karaoke!!! WHAT!!!! I don't think so for £75.00 a ticket he had b***dy well better be sing his lungs out!!

    Anyway will let you all know how it went in the morning when I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed (NOT!!!)


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    Have a great time, and for that price he should be coming right to your chair and singing directly to you!!
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      I saw that show on tv to he drove me nuts i do hope he does a good show tonight.75 is that what they charge now?I dont go to concerts much now i used to go to a lot and always chaught Diana Ross when she comes over shes doing some concerts soon over here but im not going last time i saw her well less say she had her day for me anyaway,the arena was half full we moved down to the front we could take our pick that was wembley.


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        I take it all back.......

        .... his show was fantastic. Louise Setara was the support act. Lionel came on stage at 9pm and he sang his little heart out. There was a lot of the karaoke type thing but it was more the whole audience was singing along with him - not so much him letting the audience sing.

        Me feet hurt, my hands hurt and my throat hurts from dancing, clapping and cheering. Going to go and make myself a coffee and a bit of toast and hopefully waken up so I can get on with this naffing day job!!

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          Glad you had a good time Lisa. I can only dream of a night out, and i do dream alot. Got to go out twice last year and thats it. I used to go out to the pubs or off to Hereford clubbing every other week up until i met my bf. He says we can go out once he's got his house done and i can't wait, it's been dragging on since November 2006, he's finally getting someone in to help him as he works away in the week, then spends all weekend doing up the house and when he does come here in the evening he eats his tea then falls asleep on the sofa. How boring is that!
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            Morning I'm glad you had a good time it sounds like it was a good £75 spent.