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A HUGE disappointment!!!

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  • A HUGE disappointment!!!

    The person who bought my third bag has just emailed me asking for a refund! He says that "it was not what I thought it would be like". I am so stunned, and a little heartbroken

    This is the bag that he bought:

    How can he get a wrong idea of what it looks like? I gave the dimensions of the bag, photos of the inside, photos of the outside...

    This is such a tough blow to me. I haven't yet received feedback for my other items either, and they arrived last week because I checked the tracking numbers. I agreed to give him a refund if he returns it in the same condition, but still I am so disappointed about it.

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    Hey, don't be disappointed! I actually saw this bag on your misi shop last week and thought it was lovely. Yours pictures were really clear and it was well described! You can't please all of the people all of the time and there will always be someone who perhaps didn't read the listing properly or perhaps bought it for their girlfriend and totally misjudged her tastes... honestly, don't take it to heart!
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      Some people just change their minds and it is nothing to do with you or the product.
      Seriously, Do not take it to heart.

      Maybe it did not match an outfit .....whatever. Just give em a refund and forget it!

      Your work is Fab!!



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        Oh No, How gutting I'm really sorry. Your bag is lovely (and yes that's the dorothy I told you about in pink and black) and looks really well made.

        I think the others are right and not to take it to heart, as hard as that may be. The things to remember are that you never know quite what colour his monitor is showing and he can't feel fabric over the internet. Maybe he thought it would be heavier or lighter or smoother or rougher or whatever than it is. Whatever his problem is it certainly isn't your bag because it's lovely. I'd buy it if I couldn't make one myself


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          As the other guys have said - you really can't please all the people all of the time. Who knows why he doesn't want it now - maybe it was for a girlfriend who has just dumped him!!

          It is really disappointing, I know but there will be lots more people who will just adore your bags and be so happy with their purchases. Just let this one go and send him his refund and let him go on his way.

          Your bags are lovely so don't see this as a reflection of your work - it is just one guy who has been dumped! (That's my reason for it all and I am sticking with it!!!!!)

          Chin up....
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            dont be disheartened! people have a different view of the world including colours! we each see things differently. Also people's monitors can show different colours so he may have seen it as a darker colour or something.

            I've had problems in the past with people not actually reading the description or dimensions so he may have just assumed it was different.

            Either way it's his loss as it's a lovely bag and I'm sure someone else will snap it up.
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              it looks like a beautiful bag ...but i can understand why you feel so deflated

              He may have bought it as a gift and got it totally wrong ( men do that ,lol) or he may not have just read the description properly ( we all know a man inch = 2 womens inches so he may have of expected it to be bigger )

              returns do happen and at least he didn't damage it and try to tell you it arrived like that, you can relist it soon as you get it back and sell it too someone who will really appreciate all the hard work thats gone into making it
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                Please don't be disheartened, your stuff is lovely. Returns do happen from time to time and lots of people don't ever leave feedback for some reason. It's not you or your products. Just chalk it up to experience and move on. You'll probably sell it really quickly again anyway!
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                  Just give them the refund, and chalk it up to experience. But don't forget, that buying online is a bit different to a shop where you can touch the items before you buy.

                  Sometimes, you can buy something online, and then when you receive it, you realise you hate the touch and feel of it. Even with a good description and photo, sometimes you cannot get a feel for the item.

                  In these instances, thankfully very rare, I take the view that if you give the customer a very good service, even with a refund, they will still view your shop favourably, and you will get a good mention when they tell their friends and neighbours.
                  That is valuable, just bear in mind the number of posts which tell of terrible service.



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                    That bag is lovely,how can he say its not what it looks like? Pictures are clear and everything


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                      Join the club. My latest customer got his measurements wrong and I had to do the job all over again.
                      But the customer is always right. Grit those teeth and keep smiling. Give him his money back in a cheerful way and he might be back for more.

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                        It's a shame - and upsetting for sure, but not a lot you can do about it, unfortunately!

                        Just don't let it get you down.

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                          Sorry to hear your customer changed his mind.

                          I love this purse you made ttp:// just beautiful, might go and hint at DH to see if he'll buy it for me


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                            Hi chin up and keep going! Also, as disheartening as this maybe think yourself lucky I have been going a couple of months now and have yet to have a sale at all!! So don't be disheartened and remember my motto our business is to create! Your bags are lovely and very chic and it is early days yet as I keep telling myself (((hugs)) x


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                              Originally posted by SterlingWeave View Post
                              Sorry to hear your customer changed his mind.

                              I love this purse you made ttp:// just beautiful, might go and hint at DH to see if he'll buy it for me
                              Oh yes I love that one too.Its so cute