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    Good morning to you all. I've sign in well I have my first cup of tea (first of many) I'm really surprised to find other users on at this time in the morning. My children are on holiday but they don't know how to sleep in. Still that gives me more time to fit in all what I have to doand ofcourse spending time on the forum comes first.

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    Good morning!
    Looking at the forum is part of my morning routine! I get up check my emails over night, print off orders, answer customer questions etc then look at the forums for a while. I start work after thats all done!!
    Thats the joy of working from home and my job being craft related..I can justify my time on here!
    It's pretty grey here in Newcastle today but maybe it will brighten up like it did over the weekend. I have a full day ahead which involves a trip to the bank, which I hate, as you can never get a parking space so I have to drive round and round until one becomes available..I hate that.
    Hope you all have a good day.
    Anice xx
    Funkyhand x
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      I normally check in very quickly at about half 7 in the midst of getting the kids off to school and DH off to work!
      full time mum and very very part time crafter.


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        I'm normally logged on anything from 6am it just depends what time Mia wakes up. Last night she stayed in her own cot all night and didn't wake till 8am - amazing, so i got to wake up naturally (which was about 7:15). My morning routine is to turn the laptop on and go and make a coffee while it's booting up. Then you've got my attention for the rest of the day!
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          I start work at 7am and usually log on straight away for my daily fix. I have been quite busy in my work so I am a bit later on getting my fix today.

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            Morning routines

            Hello again everyone it's time for a tea break. I don't get much crafting done on a monday as I use this day to catch up on housework. Mind you I should have learned by now there's not much point when the kid's are home I'm tidy upstairs and their downstairs making a mess I tidy downstairs there upstairs making a mess and the day just goes on like that. Luckily the weather is great today and they've been outside, but as normally I sit down for a tea break and they've all come in and want their dinner. Post Man has just turned up with a couple of parcels for me. Soooo excited it's the fabric I ordered cant't wait to start using it.


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              First Coffee...2pm!!

              My phone & emails have been nonstop this morning, peppered with interruptions from my poor snotty, coughing child demanding either hugs or ibruprofen.

              Finally got coffee & cereal bars...I quite like the Special K bars.

              I've written out the info pack for Exeter and I'm hoping to zap it out to everyone shortly, now that Exeter have finally settled down and stopped messing.

              Himself made me a 'telegraph tree' display stand yesterday, using wooden dowels. I need to fill, sand & paint it, then I can use it to hang up scented hearts & pillows etc at the craft fairs.

              Got to spend the afternoon chasing up venues and market stalls over the phone...

              I remember the first time my babies slept right through the night, and being awake at sparrow fart wondering why crying hadn't woken me....realising the babe was still sleeping but unable to go back to sleep myself. Thankfully, mine are all grown now.

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