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  • chocolate

    OMG god 2 bars of chocolate just cost me £1. I can't believe how expensive it is!!
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    You caught my eye right away with this thread -------- wonder why!!

    What 2 bars did you get and were the gold plated for that price?

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      I try and buy them on offer or in a multi pack, you get a lot more for your money but if your anything like me you'll eat the lot so although it may save a few pounds in your purse it'll add a few to your thighs!
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        Yep... you got my attention!
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          I bought some Aero Bubbles and a boost.

          I am shocked at the price. I usually bar them with magazines so don't really notice the price.

          That will stop me wandering down to the shopof a lunch time.
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            Mmmmmmmmmm.... chocolate

            I do think it is a stupid price these days. I sometimes rebel and get a chomp as it's still 10p and hasn't particularly shrunk, unlike some bars (twirly wirly).
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              About once a week I treat myself to a king size snickers or twix which i think is over 50p each but the rest of the time i have 2 finger kitkats in the fridge(works out better to buy in bulk),reduced from a 4 finger kit kat as Ive realised all I need is the taste of chocolate, not stuff myself silly with it....ahem...she says...knowing full well she has scoffed loads in one go in the past...


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                For some reason ive gone mad on white choc milkey bar,i buy a little 15p one just to shut me up.


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                  Yummy chocolate, two bars of chocolate £1 is worth it, yes over priced but if you need it then its worth it.


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                    You can never pay too much...

                    for chocolate!!!
                    I lurrrrrve it i eat about 2 bars a day at least, and have been known to scoff a box of choccy fingers or a family size bar of Galaxy in one sitting.
                    And before you ask no i'm not the size of a house (YET)!!
                    Yummie, just think, Easter soon, don't care if i'm 34, hubbie better get me an egg or unhappy wifey....


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                      I had to look at this thread as chocolate is my first love! I have to have some everyday or I am horrible. It is a drug so I suppose I am an addict.. you can tell that as I unfortunately have the thighs to prove it!!
                      But you know what.. I don't care!!
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                        Never Feel Guilty About Chocolate...

                        ......but if you do, then eat plain chocolate, the darker the better. It has some kind of anti-toxidant in it, and it's so rich, theory has it that you eat less than milk chocolate..

                        I'm with MollyMandy....Nestle Milky Bar....oh to die for...bliss!

                        No choc for me today. Been out since early, and I'm shattered, with a nasty headache that I just know is going to escalate to migraine status. If I eat chocolate now, my head will be unreal.

                        Later though.....

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                          I was a bad mummy the other day - I ate one of the easter eggs that Anya's aunty had bought for her! Did feel a bit guilty but she won't know and I will buy her another one to replace it!!! I do like my chocolate but I'm trying to stay away from it at the moment as I have recently lost nearly 4 stone and don't want to put it back on again
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                            Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
                            II do like my chocolate but I'm trying to stay away from it at the moment as I have recently lost nearly 4 stone and don't want to put it back on again
                            I am the same I lost a lot of weight and have kept it off for 6 years or so but chocolate is my one realy weakness. If I don't touch it it doesn't bother me but as soon as I take even the smallest piece I have to finish off whatever it is whether it's a biscuit, a bar, a box of chocolate biscuits or a box of chocolates.

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                              I went into Asda to get usual shopping and they were selling easter eggs at £1 each (maximum of eight per customer). I bought seven as I didn't want to appear gready! Eaten two already, yum yum I'v got a big fat bum.