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    Sometimes in our busy lives people sometimes forget the little things that make life that bit brighter. So after smiling at several strangers in the office today and getting looked at as if I had just escaped from the asylum, I thought I would put up something ... perhaps I should circulate it around my office so that some people could loosen up a little more.

    My thought for the day:

    A smile at a stranger costs nothing!

    Please feel free to add your thoughts for the day!
    Princess Prudence
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    I held a door open for some people yesterday and then a few minutes later as I was leaving the shop somebody held a door open for me, that rarely happens so maybe there was a snowball effect of goodness.
    So,hold a door open for someone and see what happens.

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      My favourite thought of the day is :

      If life is a box of chocolates and we don't like the one we have been given we have two choices.... try to change it for something better ourselves ....or go to Tesco and buy a new box ..on offer at buy one get one free..

      "Mother Nature is a crafter, a therapist, and a small business on a large scale.. she presents us with an abundance of opportunities and it's up to us how we use them in our lives "