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    I'm off to London tomorrow to the Stitch & Craft show. At least I hope I am only I left it to my bezzie mate to book the train tickets and she only realised on Monday that she'd booked them for today! She claims she's managed to change them but you just never know with my mate Maria. Looking forward to the show but not looking forward to going to the big city (just a country girl at heart).

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    ooooo let us know what it's like, where is it held?? Hope you're taking your credit card.... (or not!)


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      We're going on Saturday. There is normally a group of 4 of us, but one of our friends is in the middle of chemo so we will be down to three this time.

      It looks much more organised this year, with downstairs hosting all stalls from one group of crafts and upstairs with all stalls for other crafts. Just wish they had more seating areas in the tea bars!

      Hope the big city wasn't too scarey. It snowed in Epsom today. I realise that's not a big city, but it impressed me!
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        We had a creative stitches event at the Glasgow SECC 2 weeks ago. Not really for candles but I do charity candles and donate to cancer research and cancer research had been donated a stall. They took a load with them and the sold really well.

        Good luck.
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