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  • Just got to say......

    I felt like i have to say that this is the best craft forum i've come accross. Since joing this one i've joined two others, one of which moves pretty slowly, the other one i signed up to hasn't even authorised me yet and it's been a week since i tried to join! perhaps they have better things to do, i don't know! but i just wanted to say - thanks craftsforum, it's an honour to be a member here.

    Hope you all agree!
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    I definately agree Emma. I haven't joined any other forums yet and prpbably won't...haven't got time coz I'm always here !!
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      It is scarily addictive isn't it? I think Mr Media has special super powers that makes us check the forum all day long!!!
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        Agree 100%. This is the first forum I have ever joined and I love it!
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          I Love It!

          This forum is so many things to so many people.

          You can come on here, feeling so far down you just don't believe there's an up anymore, but there will always be someone who'll read your rant, and say something positive or supportive ( both probably) and you'll better.

          Or days like today, when I haven't been able to sew straight for laughing at all the pirate stuff, which was just so cool! Thanks to everyone who joined in...we must do it again sometime!

          It just has to be the best addiction going, and I think it's good for you! Thankfully, you don't need a prescription and it's not illegal!

          I do, I just love it!

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            There's always car crash posting - waiting for me to ban spammers! I have to admit, it's not a bad little community is it?


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              This place is truly amazing, you can really feel everyone who posts here, if that makes sense, it feels warm and cosy!

              Good grief Shana, don't start gushing!!
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                I used to laugh at my sister as she is always on some 'mummy' forum or other but now i've been sucked in!!!!
                Hubbie has to kick me off the computer so that he can look at his Vulcun Bombers websites!!!
                The scarey thing is from next week i'm cutting my work down by half, the idea was to concentrate on my jewellery making but i'm not sure i'll get anything done!!
                Ah well life could be a lot worse.....


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                  I like it here too! Working from home on your own can be a busy but lonely experience. Popping into the forum every now and again is like having a break at my old job and a chat by the coffee machine!! The trouble is now...getting started in the morning..too busy catching up here!!
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                    I agree, this is such a friendly forum.
                    Do you think Mr Nedia is doing a little jig while he reads this thread?


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                      Originally posted by Seahorse View Post
                      I agree, this is such a friendly forum.
                      Do you think Mr Nedia is doing a little jig while he reads this thread?
                      Thanks guys!!


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                        Originally posted by 0103media View Post
                        Thanks guys!!

                        Do you see the way he cleverly avoided answering if he is doing a little jig!


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                          I noticed that too Seahorse - gives away no secrets.

                          I haven't joined any other forums because I don't have time. Too busy posting and answering on this one. I don't know if it is a jig or some sort of vodoo dance Mr Media does but you get hooked pretty damned quick to this one.

                          I really love this forum no matter how much has hit the fan there is always always someone there to pick you up, kick you in the bum and cheer you up.

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