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    Is it better to be paid weekly or monthly? Iv been given the option by my temping agency. Id say monthly as il have a lump sum to budget with but others say weekly.
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    I would say monthly. You can organise all your direct debits to come out just after payday and you can see how much you have left for the month.

    If you get paid weekly and your direct debits are spread over the month you have to work out how much to leave in each week to cover them and obviously weekly paydays don't fall on the same date every month if you get what I mean.
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      I've always been paid monthly so I'd find it a bit odd to be paid weekly. It's a bit dependant on how much of a spender you are and how well you look after your finances, I find that those who want to be paid weekly tend to those who find it difficult to budget in advance.
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        I have to agree with everyone else... I find it easier to budget on a monthly income cos it's easier to sort out direct debits, etc but it will all depend on how well you can plan your spending over the week/month


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          I prefer monthly too, couldn't go back to weekly now!