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  • discovering e-Bay

    Well I've just found the courage to buy off e-Bay. I only wanted one item, a cross-stitch that I won for 99p! Mind you the postage and packing, and insurance was £12, (I think), when I e-mailed the seller the reply came back in Chinese, and apparently I've bid on another two! It will certainly keep me busy if I win them aswell. Anyone else new to this or is it just me that dosn't know what Im doing

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    Did you actualy bid on the Item? go to "my e-bay and check . make sure your not being ****ed.
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      Thanks. just gone to my e-Bay after your reply, I won one, lost one and still bidding on one apparently. Thanks. I'm sure I'll get used to it eventually, its just a bit scary to begin with


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        Afew tips .

        always always check out the postage befor bidding.
        If buying from over seas be careful how much you buy as ther is a limit befor import tax I think it's around £20 but could be wrong.

        Best thing to do is read buyers help and forums.

        Just be aware of what your bidding on and have fun.
        "You've Got to Keep Your Mind Wide Open" - AnnaSophia Robb
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          Just be careful with eay, you ca get addicted and end up buying all sorts of stuff you don't need. Also when you see an item you fancy check how much they sell for in the shops (on internet) you can do this buy typing the description in the browser bar and it usually comes up with a list of places that sell it, by doing this it will give you a good guide as to how much to bid to ensure your getting a bargain (don't look at there R.R.P on the auction). But after all said and done just have fun.
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            Be very careful in regards overseas auctions on ebay. I started off selling my pices on ebay but the market was flooded with 12 months by Chinese sellers claiming they were based in Limerick of all places!....Most off their auctions go for 99p and they make their money on the postage. In my case they sell plastic foil claiming it's glass so I get the knock on effect as people loose trust in sellers. When you try and get your money back if there's a problem (and to be fair it's in the minority of cases) because there's a language problem it can be a nightmare!
            General advise is always check feedback!...unless you've just got in from the pub and slef discipline flies out of the window!
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              Thanks, Im still waiting for the goods to arrive. If they havn't come by weekend I'll go through items not delivered on e-bay. Don,t think I'll buy from China again!


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                Ahem................I'm not saying a word!