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  • weird weather!

    This is just too weird! It's chilly and breezy and rainy...this generally does not happen until at least November. I'm not complaining though...but it's unnerving...

    We have the grandkids, and my husband and I are in the throes of getting ready for our first market together next weekend...and I'm also trying to get ready to fly in two weeks to see my son at college, for parents weekend...and GUESS WHAT...he has made the varsity baseball team!!! How great is that!!!!! This has been his big dream since about age play college baseball...and he has done it! He talked the coach in to letting him walk on-try other words, recruiting was over last summer, but we, being homeschoolers, missed out, so he walked on to the field and showed the coaches what he could do, and worked out with them, and they put him on the team! Wahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He called me and actually cried...if he had not made it, then that was that, his dream was over. But he did it!!!!!!! YAY FOR HIM!! He called me on the way to try out - nearly in tears...scared spitless...

    They had an obstacle course/team building/male bonding weekend last weekend...and it went well---he climbed a 30 foot pole and was supposed to stand on the top, but his feet were too big...he wears a size 16...don't know what that would be "over there"...he's 6 feet 7 inches his feet are big. He was supposed to jump over from the pole to a trapeze thing - - I was about to faint as he told me all about it,...but he said they had ropes connected to them...some sort of harness affair...thank God!

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    YAY! Congratulations to him! You've got some pretty rough weather right now, we have a rental vacation villa in Florida so I log on to the National Hurricane Center every day at this time of year and it shows a big area of grotty weather right over Texas, but no hurricanes, thank goodness! Selina


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      On the weather report front, Chile (well, the Mirasol bit) has had it's last shower of rain last week - I think that was its Spring - and is now having none stop sunshine for it's summer.
      In England (well the Farnborough bit) summer is over and autumn has begun but it feels the other way round - it's lovely and sunny and warm.
      So I can confirm the weather is weird. Except in England its always weird.

      And whey, hey, hey for your son! And the mum who raised him .



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        Huge congrats to your son!!!

        And well done on your homeschooling... proves it works!!!

        Sorry to hear of your awful weather - it is definitely messed up, we've got lovely sunny and warm weather here just now lol


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          Originally posted by Fluffy Squirrel View Post
          Sorry to hear of your awful weather
          Oh no ... rainy and chilly in September? It's WONDERFUL!!!!!!


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            Glad to hear your sons fantastic news!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            But as for the weather I think you should have a stint over here in old blighty - its sooooo unpredictable there is no wonder we are all so obsessed with it.... we had little or no summer after they promised us a scorching heatwave - even warnings about it and then when autumn shoud be on us we get a week of warm sunshine - all the plants and flowers havent got a clue whether they should be shedding or blossoming



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              Our winters come in little bursts - we'll have three to five days of real winter, maybe with some ice...then it heats back up again and all the trees and things burst into bloom! Then after about 3 weeks, we'll have a few days of winter again and it kills all the new is NOT easy being a tree around here!

              Thanks for all the congrats re my son - he is walking about 4 feet off the ground...well, he might have come down a little bit after this past week - lots of workouts.

              I just took Hazel and Walter home after keeping them three days - little 2 month old Oliver had to have a procedure done in the hospital...all is well...again...AND he now weighs 10 lbs 2 oz! YAY for him!!!! The pediatrician can't complain anymore...or suggest any more depressing scenarios...but he still has his hernia operations to look forward to - umbilical and ... what's the the groin...well anyway...and Walter had the groin one when he was a baby, and now is developing another one, on the other side, so he too will be having an operation soon...

              I am exhausted from the grands, but my husband and i are going to go ahead and do our "mock up" of our booth for this coming weekend, after he gets home this evening...AND we are going to take videos of ourselves and our booth at the market, so we can put some online and post the url to maybe y'all will finally get to see us and some of our work!

              We want to get the mock up done in case we find there's something we need to get before Friday...

              Okay, enough gabbing...


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                well done on the team!

                weird weather and spectacular sunsets here!


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                  Ah bliss our favourite topic of conversation over here - the weather!
                  Bespoke clothing for your little angels


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                    It's 70؛F and there's a slight breeze...the crickets are is absolutely all the doors open...ahhhh.....


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                      Blast, back to being too toasty...

                      But that's good, I reckon - my husband and I have our first market together (first market for him) this weekend, and sunny and dry is better for the guitars.

                      I will have my same old stuff - soaps, crocheted wash cloths, scented clay hearts and now soy container candles.

                      He's got 8 hand made guitars, and slides made from the necks of glass long neck beer bottles.

                      He took one guitar to work today and showed it to the musicians who were in the studio, just for feedback, and one of them pre-ordered one, and the host of a TX music show at the station happened by, and he did, too! Things look promising!!


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                        Yesterday I was wrestling (making) two huge baskets. One fills the whole of my pond. The point being the weather. I had to finish the borders and after a week of glorious sunshine was looking forward to deepening my tan and having a peaceful day outdoors. So what happens? First it drizzles. I carry on outside. A bit of damp keeps the willow supple. Then it rains. I'm starting to slip and slide and can't get a grip on the withies. Then it pours. I admit defeat and haul the baskets indoors.
                        One fills the whole of my kitchen. These are big baskets. (You can swing a mouse in my kitchen, I wouldn't try a cat.).
                        Then it's time for a party. By now it's sheeting it down. My hair is frizzing, my make up running (that's the important bits). The motorways are coming to a standstill. Flooding here, cars sliding into eachother there. One hit a sink. (What did that mean? A hole in the road filled with water or did a kitchen sink fell off a lorry?). The hour journey took 2 and a half hours. All the guests were already drunk by the time we arrived. Anyway there you go. A bit of rain and London turns into chaos and confusion.
                        Today it looks like it's going to be sunny.....but my baskets are finished and I have to sew indoors. Arghhhhhhh.


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                          Hi cosmic grammie,
                          could you post a picture of your hubby`s guitars, My hubby has 8 guitars and would love to see them.
                          Good luck with your joint fair, hope you have a good day


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                            We did not get our mock up done the other night, so my husband has taken off this friday and we'll set it all up and take some pictures, and he promises to put them in MY computer too, so I can send some to family and friends, and I'll post some here...

                            It WAS supposed to be a sunny weekend but now they say it's going to rain! The guitars don't exactly fit in any plastic tubs we have...guess big plastic garbage bags will have to suffice...bin liners, y'all call them??

                            So now we're bumfuzzled about set-up ... if it's we still get in trouble if we don't show up?? Or do we stand there in the rain and put up the tent, and get soaked?? We have to totally unload and get the truck out of the driveway, and then come back and set it all up...this could be bad in stormy weather. But most likely the weatherman will change the forecast several times...

                            We've been assigned a good spot near the entrance. But unless there's a cancellation, we won't get to have a space for Oct. or Nov. - they're already filled by regular vendors - but it's not so bad...we have another market coming up in October, locally (this weekend's market is 40 miles away). Besides, it is just very difficult mass producing things by hand, especially the guitars! So it may be that doing a market every month might not be feasible...sorry to jabber...


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                              okay, it's the middle of the night - let's give this a try...