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My new craft room/MissSearles HQ!

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  • My new craft room/MissSearles HQ!

    Its been a long week and i'll be glad if I never see a piece of sanding paper or pot of filler again in my life but my new craft room is now done!!!

    I've put pictures and videos of it on my blog (still can't get pictures to show on here but I'm working on it!)

    The first post is just showing the transformation of the room, I'll be doing more posts later showing you how its laid out with the furniture and stuff like that in the next few days...its a bit messy at the moment!

    AND... I also got my delivery of all my craft stock yesterday so i've been busy working on bits until 1 am this morning...MissSearles is officially up and running!!

    Next task...start listing bits on Etsy!
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