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  • My dollshouse

    This only pic i found on net but i have a dollshouse kit and im going to copy this turn it into a cottage like this thought id show you.

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    that will look really nice, i too like dollshouses, have 4 at the moment of my own, my mum has 2 and we are just about to buy our next one.

    WIll this be your first?
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      I've Got a Shop....

      I forget which make the kit is. But it's a Victorian shop.

      I've not finished it, and I made a huge mistake by putting in the stripped floorboards before putting in my wires for lighting....when I get round to it, the ceilings will be panelled so I can hide wires under there!

      One side of the shop is a fabric shop (not that I'm fabric obessed...much!) and the other is a's called Rufflette & Browse.

      Apple Tree Crafts


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        This isnt my first i make them and sell them just as a hobby i just try to stick to small cottage type and ive made sweet shop and cafes ,i just love them this is my main craft altough i like and make lots of things knitting ect.


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          One of my friends has a dolls house so I quilled some plants to scale for her. She was well chuffed. I have some quilled plants that I'd love to display in a kind of greenhouse-cum-conservatory thing, but haven't got round to that yet as want something cheap and need somewhere to display it!
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