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    Just back from my holiday in Stoke on Trent and I promise I will blog about it soon. In the meantime a wee summary of it was....
    House gorgeous in fact it felt like being a millionaire for a week, people kind and friendly, extremely wet weather ( ducks loved it ), and some demon drivers!
    So as I am too exhausted this evening to surf the forum ....have I missed anything exciting? Also where is everyone else going or been thats nice but please dont advertise when your going as its just an invitation to have your home or place of work burgled!
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    you were in Stoke on Trent and I didn't know about it?

    Wubbish... would've been fab to meet a fellow crafty Scot for a cuppa!!

    Where did you stay? What did you do? Where did you visit?

    Can't wait to hear about it

    Hope you had a fab time, despite our rubbish weather and idiotic drivers!!

    Laura xxx


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      cant believe that out of the whole wide world you chose stoke (sorry fluffy)
      im only an hour from there you me and fluff could have "done lunch"
      saying that im going to glesca next week.....cant wait....


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        I'd say the lovely people, naff weather, and nutty drivers sums up Stoke perfectly!!!

        It may seem like an odd choice of holiday location but when my in-laws come to visit (they live in Kent) they love it! They love getting out and seeing the countryside, the pottery visitor centres (what's left of them) and shopping at places like Trentham Gardens.

        Glad you had a fab time!

        P.S. We're going Menorca this year just for a week of sun, swimming and chill out time with the kids!
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          Ooh, yes trentham gardens is a great place to shop

          My only query is why did you choose Stoke and what did you get up to there?
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            hmm... I live here and I would question why someone would choose to holiday here lol... I only live here cos hubby is a Stokie!!

            Trentham Gardens is fab though and I love Monkey Forest


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              I just realised that I may have put this in the wrong section. I was so tired last night, I meant it to go in the non craft related section
              We chose Stoke on Trent because mum is too ill to travel very far away from home and because it was near Alton Towers for our teenagers. The cottage was like having won the lottery. It was near Dilhorne so only 6 miles from Alton Towers but it was a 15 mile round trip every time we needed to get to a decent store to buy messages. Trentham Estate looked lovely when the rain stopped. We did the walk from one gate to the other while the kids did the wire top course. The gardens looked lovely too, its just a pity that we didnt get to spend much time in them. Anyway I have blogged about it and there are pictures there if you want to see them.


              So off to see what has been going on in the forum this last week. Erial have a great holiday in Menorca at least you will get the sun !
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