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Calling all photgraphers !!!

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  • Calling all photgraphers !!!

    Im looking to buy a new camera. I love taking pics! I need a camera both for personal use and for taking pics of my jewellery. So, id need a macro setting and id like to be able to zoom in but also be able to get a good image when it comes to getting the pics developed. The problem i have with my current camera is really just when it comes to developing. I took a great pic of my daughter on holiday and I wanted to have it blown up into a canvas for the wall but the image quality wasnt there when I came to enlarge it.

    Im swithering between a Nikon Coolpix P90 and a LUMIX TZ7. Was wondering if any of you could give me your professional opinion ????

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    I got a Nikon D40 SLR, they're like £250 at the moment because they're being discontinued, but well worth the investment.
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      I've got a Lumix TZ7 had it about 18 months. It's great for close up stuff but the biggest print I have done from it is 10" x 8".

      If you go on the Jessops website it explains on there about the MP settings before you take the photo if it's one you will need to enlarge.
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        Iv not been thinking about it for a couple of days. Theres just that much choice and that many different reviews I just dont know which to choose! My head started to feel a bit mushy and confused so I'll go back to the reviews in a couple of days.

        Thanks everyone for your help and if anyone else has a good camera review, please let me know.



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          Check out my album for a photo taken with a Samsung digimax D103. The first is the origional and the second a close up. I have not altered them digitally at all.
          The camera is now discontinued but there are some on ebay well under £100.
          there was a previous thread with other recommendations here.

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            WOW, thats clear! And what a brill picture! You can see the little drops of water on the wings and fur! (does a Bee actually have Fur? certainly looks like it! ) And look at its wee legs and everything! 1,2,3 aaawwwww.

            It is a great shot and I love the camera that i already have for macro setting but with the new camera i buy it has to be great at macro and I need to know that it has enough pixals that I can get the image blown right up without loosing the clarity.



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              It depends really how much you plan to get 'in' to photography. If it's going to be serious, I'd recommend getting a DSLR. I have the Canon 400d and use it a lot for portraits, although I have taken some great macro shots with it. You could probably pick up a second hand 350d for not much more than a good point & shoot or bridge camera, although for really good macro shots you would probably need a macro lens too.

              I'm still new here, so please tell me if linking to other sites is no allowed, but I'd recommend asking on DPS ( as they're really good for knowing what cameras are good for which types of shot.




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                thanks for that. i will look that site up.

                I do love photography but my first love is jewellery making. Id just like to know that the camera I end up buying is capable of taking shots that can be blown up to nice big picture, or possible put on a canvas. And is also capable of macro for taking pictures of my jewellery.



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                  I have a Fujifilm Finepix S5700 which I have had for a couple of years and I love it. It copes with just about anything I want to take a picture of and the macro is very capable. All of the shots on my website were taken with it. Its now around £70-£90 because it was discontinued. My sister has the Finepix S8000 which is even better, lovely macro and 18x zoom which is about the best you can get for this type of camera - I know, I have looked!!

                  I cant remember the MP and Ive never had any pics blown up from either of these cameras but supposedly it should cope with it. The S8000 can be found from £150 but dont let the price put you off. Very capable camera.


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                    I've just seen this one recommended on another forum I use. It looks pretty good & a good deal through Amazon ATM

                    fuji finepix S1500fd (sorry can't post a link as I'm too new - go to Amazon & search for this camera)