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  • Healthy Dinner Ideas Please

    Well me and hubby have started a get healthy (and lose some weight) regime and after 10 days we're still sticking to it...just.

    We're having musili with natural yoghurt for brekky and a glass of juice instead of the usual cuppa.

    Lunchtime consists of our own version of the Graze box.

    And for dinner we're trying to have a low fat, low(ish) carb meal with at least 2 or 3 veg depending on how many of our 5 a day we've managed throughout the day. So far meals have consisted of...
    Grilled chicken n veg n low fat sauce
    Grilled pork n veg n gravy
    Veg + chicken stirfry
    My own homemade turkey meatballs (v. yummy) and noodles
    Homemade curry
    Roast beef n veg

    Apart from the above I'm a bit stumped on what else we can have, hoping to cook from scratch (trying to cut out processed food) but always knackered from work so it can't take too long to make.

    So I'd love it if anyone would like to share their ideas please...pretty please
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    Vegetarian chilli
    Grilled fish
    Salads - but be careful what you put in them!
    Warm pittas with thinly sliced shredded lean ham and salad is a fairly satisfying snack

    Not too hot on the low carbs thing, I love my bread and baked potatoes too much!
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      Oooh the veggie chilli sounds good and the pitta bread one too. Personally I love fish but hubby can't stand it so rather than cook 2 separate dinners I only have it when we eat out.

      Originally posted by tipsylipsy View Post
      Not too hot on the low carbs thing, I love my bread and baked potatoes too much!
      Me too, but the only time I ever managed to lose weight was when I did the no carb after 6pm rule - although a tiny bit won't hurt
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        It might be worth surfing the net for ideas - I can recommend the Sainsbury's one, with the feed you family for a fiver.

        You can make anything healthy really, it just depends on how you cook it and what you serve with it. If you have fried sausagesm fried egg and chips that's not healthy but you could grill the sausages, poach the eggs and have chips with peas it is slightly better for you.

        The only other thing to do is invest in a slow cooker - I know that it's hardly the time of year for stews etc, but they really are good for saving time. I usually prep it all the night before and then switch it on before I go to work.

        Hope this helps.

        Sally x
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          I used to make something using cooked rice, put it in a wok with cubed lean ham, cooked chicken or meat of your choice then add loads of frozen green beans and a couple of chicken stock cubes and cook together. As I remember it was low fat and quite tasty.
          I wonder what it would be like with quinoa?


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            Congrats on choosing to eat more healthily! This is one of our summer faves.....

            Warm Chicken and couscous chicken salad

            In a glass bowl put some (to taste) sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, chopped dates, apricots, chopped sundried tomatoes.
            Measure out dry couscous and add to above dry ingredients.
            Boil kettle, however much couscous you use add equal amount of boiling water with a dissolved chicken stock cube and a teaspoon of olive oil.
            Cover bowl with plate and wait about 8-10mins.
            While waiting grill thinly sliced chicken.

            You can add cumin for a fragrant Middle Eastern flavour too.

            On your plates add some salad leaves, fluff couscous with a fork and add on top of leaves and grilled chicken on top. Done! Minimal mess. Max 15mins prep.
            No need for dressing and if you don’t eat it all it’s great cold too!
            Terry xxx
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              I'm mad about cooking !!

              Making mi curry in a min

              How about diced pork (no fat e.g. buy a chop and cut it up) with cider and grain mustard.. Just put in the over with a clove of garlic some mushroom and forget about it.. I have it with rice/spuds..

              Steak and salard with garlic butter on the steak, really heathly zero carbs..

              chicken cesar ? have a great dressing for that..

              all above home made..

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                Sunday-tea-Pitta-breads... Warmed pitta breads stuffed with lots of salad, a little mayo or dressing. and some chicken breast (hot or cold), or grated cheese, or ham and onion, or whatever.

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                  Oh, and for my money, doing it backwards works better - Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. Avoiding eating at night works for me... I don't LIKE it, mind, and want a nice hot starchy dinner and lots of it, but not having one seems to help keep the weight down.

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                    Terry, I make something almost exactly the same - but no couscous - put all of it over green salad and use Paul Newman's Lite Honey Dijon salad dressing...your recipe sounds great...going to make it this evening since I can stay home after all...

                    I could live on hummus and green salad and fruit.

                    I have always wondered about British all the Agatha Christie books i read, and others - good grief how DO they eat all those cakes and things, and then a meal later, and then they seem to go visiting about 9 or 10:00 at night...and of course they don't get up until 8:00 or so in the morning and then have a huge breakfast....and in a lot of the shows they're always having sherry in the in the afternoon - crikey I'd be zonked on my bum, unable to move!!


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                      A nice change for breakfast or a snack are fruit pancakes.

                      Take a cup of oats, 3 egg whites and a small selection of your favourite fruit (I like strawberries) then liquidise it alll together.
                      Lightly coat a frying pan with spray oil and cook like ordinary pancakes. Yummy!

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                        It is one of the healthiest things you can eat and its really filling!
                        its not just about raw fish either, pop some tinned tuna in or cucumber and humous!! Its fun to make and is a handy snack, or can be a good lunch. Experiment with different things to put in it, nom nom nom!
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                          I gave up trying to do it myself and joined weight watchers online 6 weeks ago. I've lost a stone in that time which is amazing seeing as I have thyroid problems and my weight seemed to be going up for no real reason before the diet.

                          I bought a couple of WW recipe books and there are some fab healthy low fat/low carb/low cal recipes which have kick started my cooking imagination again. You can often find WW recipe books on ebay or similar so don't have to join up to get hold of them. This is their newest one and is fab.

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                            My favourite healthy eating thing is a spicy dressing I use on salads or as a replacement for mayo on homemade colslaw.

                            Gently heat some white wine vinegar and add sugar to taste - let the sugar dissolve before tasting. Split a red chilli and infuse it into the vinegar. Decant it into a jar and keep it in the fridge. I always leave the chilli in as the hotter the dressing is, the less you need.

                            It's especially great with cucmber or, as I said earlier, as a dressing for colslaw.



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                              I always rely on a tuna pasta bake as a lowish cal option, plus it's great when you've nearly run out of food and can't be bothered to go shopping!!

                              Get a rectangular pyrex or casserole dish, throw in a few handfuls of cooked pasta, a tin of sweetcorn, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a tin or 2 of tuna (depending on how many people), some chopped onion, a bit of garlic, maybe some herbs if you like, sometimes I chuck in a tin of butterbeans in place of half the pasta just for a change.

                              Then sprinkle a small amount of very strong (important for it to be strong, you don't need as much) grated cheddar and pop it in the oven until it's all hot and the cheese has gone nice and brown and crispy. YUM!!!!

                              You can throw pretty much anything in it, or skip the cheese, or put in less pasta if you're trying to cut down on carbs (or replace with wholewheat pasta as it is a bit better).

                              If you use supermarket cheapy ranges like me, this dish will easily serve 2 for dinner with enough left over for lunch the next day for around £1.50 - £2

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