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Time for a spring clean?

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  • Time for a spring clean?

    Help, I'm a craftaholic! I know I need to have more will power and that recycling is a good thing to do but I just can't seem to stop. Does anyone else have this problem? Shops, shows, mail order, e bay you name it I'll have bought from it. Problem is now I have so much stuff in my craft room I don't have room to actually make any cards. I get something out then decide its too nice to use and put it back again. I sort through a box and discover something I'd forgotten then I find I've bought another exactly the same. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!!

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    Nope Xantia, you are not alone! I have a craft room full of so much stuff that I have forgotten what is there anymore. This weekend I am having a major clean out and putting all the doubled up purchases on Ebay..that way I can go out and buy more!!
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      You ought to see what a mess you make of the whole house when it's candles you make!!!

      I really, really promise when this takes off I will get a bigger kitchen!!!
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        Hands up here too.

        My names vikki and I'm a craftaholic!!

        I'm just getting over it though. Recently I've started buying what I need for a porject and using what I have until the products are gone. Or starting an old project and carrying on till it's done.

        It takes an amazing amount of will power but once you finish something the good feeling keeps you motivated to do it again.

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          welcome to CA

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            I've just been to a jumble sale where on the last day you can fill a bin bag with stuff for £2 - needless to say I have three bin bags sitting in my craft room full of material, a big pile of dresses to take in, piles of jumpers to felt, childrens books to turn into envelopes, cute little knick knacks to go on my shelves in the craft room....... and thats after the huge pile of stuff thats already in there - I will have to take a photo to show you!!!
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