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  • Need some crafty advice

    This last couple of days I feel like I'm stuck in a bit of a creative rut.

    We have craft fairs coming up but due to lack of sales lately we have loads of cards and keepsake cards 'in stock' so there's no real need to make any and the lack of sales is kind of making me lose interest in cardmaking - I know this interest will come back in time as we had this last year as well, then things picked up again.

    I've tried to do some acrylic/watercolour paintings to give me a change and hopefully inspire me, but I can't seem to focus on getting anything started let alone finished. It's the same with my drawing. I have unfinished latch hook rug and cross stitch projects which I can't seem to get motivated to do which are sitting in a box somewhere.

    I've done lots of crocheting over the winter but have so many crochet items, that I won't need any more for a while lol... everyone should expect crochet blankets for Christmas!!! lol.

    I'm wondering if perhaps, I need to start something new... look at starting a new hobby - something just for me, away from the 'selling' aspect. Do you think that may help?

    Money is really tight at the moment, so if I do look at starting something new then it needs to be something cheap to start... does anyone have any ideas?

    I feel like I'm lacking creative direction and inspiration at the moment, but then feeling like this sitting in my new craft room makes me feel really guilty which in turn drags me down further.

    Can anyone suggest anything to give me a kick up the butt?

    Thanks in advance,

    Laura xxx

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    You sound as if you feel in a complete rut. You seem to be able to turn your hand to most things, it's difficult to suggest something else. I'm making cushion covers trying to use all my odd bits and bobs, ie putting a centre square panel in made of things I have left over. Plaited wool in one, applique with left over scraps in another and so on.
    How about (I don't know what it is called) painting abstracts or something on the box canvasses that hang directly on the wall (no frame) These are very saleable these days and you sound handy with a brush. You can use watercolours so little or no outlay.
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      Don't know if you've ever done any scrapbooking before but if not then maybe it's worth considering As you already make cards you'll have plenty of bits and pieces to get you started so no massive outlay. Also a scrapbook is totally for yourself - you can scrap about how you and your hubby met, when you got engaged, the wedding etc. Or you mentioned somewhere else that you have dogs so you could do a few pages about them.
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        I can certainly understand what you are feeling.
        When I get a quiet time I seem to also loose interest in making stuff. I feel as if, even though it may only have been a few days, that I may never get anymore sales and it can put me in a real down mood. As soon as orders start coming back in I'm back on form again - the busier the better. I'm sure as soon as your sales pick up, which I'm sure they will, you'll be ok again.

        Until the sales do pick up it sounds as though you may need a complete change and as you say 'something for you' - can you recycle some old jewellery or clothes into something else ??, have you tried creative cooking or baking ??!.
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          sounds like a good idea that. Just do something for yourself or just do nothing for a bit, then when you feel like it, come back to it


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            Thank you for your replies.

            You are right Carol, I just feel like I'm stuck in a complete rut and the more I try to drag myself out the worse I seem to feel.

            Abstract painting on box canvasses sounds like a good idea... I think I've got some box canvasses somewhere, and I've got both watercolour and acrylic paints so I'll see what I can come up with.

            I've never done any scrapbooking though I keep saying that I'm going to... I go through phases where I quite fancy trying to do my own scrapbook and I've got loads of scrapbooking papers that I use in my cardmaking as well as other papercraft bits that I can use... definitely worth looking into.

            The idea of cooking/baking may cause problems as hubby uses the kitchen for his candle making so I think we'd be fighting for space, but I may look into recycling old clothing... I've got a mini sewing machine thats never been out of it's box so I may see what I can make a mess of lol.

            The problem with 'doing nothing' is that I feel really guilty cos of the time and effort hubby went to in decorating my craft room last month so I feel as though I should be making the most of it, and creating... I just lack interest lol.

            Thank you.



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              I think we all lose our "Mojo" now and then.
              I am sure your hubby would be very understanding about the craft room.
              I got a mini sewing machine, last year and never used it until the sock monkeys came along!!!

              Now I use it for all sorts of bits and pieces!! Still learning with it!!
              You could cut up old clothes to make little bags, flowers or embellishments for cards etc!!

              I am sure you will find your mojo again soon!!
              Take care



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                [quote=bynicki;235937]I can certainly understand what you are feeling.
                When I get a quiet time I seem to also loose interest in making stuff. I feel as if, even though it may only have been a few days, that I may never get anymore sales and it can put me in a real down mood. As soon as orders start coming back in I'm back on form again - the busier the better. I'm sure as soon as your sales pick up, which I'm sure they will, you'll be ok again.
                I agree with that so much. You canter along at a good pace then all of a sudden you've caught up with all the work and there's nothing to do. You know deep down that you'll probably be cantering again in a day or two, but there's always the niggle at the back of your mind that you'll never sell anything again. I get that anyway.
                By all means take time out to do something for yourself - heaven knows we don't usually give ourselves enough "me" time.
                BUT - it's also a good time to put some positive time into your business. You can make some lists of anything to do with your business that's been neglected when you've been busy - maybe an overhaul of your stand display, new input into your website or finding new marketing opportunities.
                Take a long look at your products and your general business practice, as if you were a business adviser looking at it for the first time and see if there's anything you can improve or change.
                You should see a lean time as a positive chance to do all these things and maybe you'll find a renewed enthusiasm.
                You've also got to look at your sales and decide if the general downturn in sales because of the credit crunch is to blame, or if your own work is needing to be refreshed. I know from experience that sometimes the public moves away from what you are creating, and you need to be aware of that and change and adapt.
                Of course I'm not implying that that's your problem. Your stall as seen on other threads looks very inviting and full of interesting things, but you can never be too complacent.
                I keep a notebook beside me all the time and jot down odd things that spring in to my mind which I think would improve my business. ( My old brain never holds anything longer than a few minutes!) But on odd days when I don't have much on my plate, I can refer to the notebook and think " Oh yes, I was going to try some new packaging ideas" or whatever.
                Sorry to ramble. I always seem to when I reply on this forum.
                Cheer up though - I'm sure you'll be back on track soon.
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                  Thanks Rach, great ideas about using old clothes etc for bags and other crafty bits!! Thank you

                  I've just added some of my artwork to my profile... - it's not great but it lets you see what I'm (not lol) capable of


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                    ((hugs)) I know how you feel.

                    Maybe you could have a brainstorm and try and think of things you would really like to do but never have, or things you have enjoyed in the past but havnt done for a while.

                    Browse the internet for ideas - have you ever seen something someone else has made and thought "I'd like to make something like that", eg on etsy.

                    It might be worth looking at your local council website for courses that might interest you - mine have loads in a section called adult learning, they are quite reasonably priced but they also have concession rates if you are on benefits or low income (cant remember if you work?) so they work out really cheap to do. Everything from sugarcraft to silversmithing, painting, languages, pilates etc, aromatherapy (that would be good knowledge for candles, maybe you could do that together?).

                    Or visit the hobbies section of you library and see what takes your fancy.

                    I can totally identify with what you say, because I get like that too, but like you say it does help to be busy and have something to focus on.

                    I hope you find something x x


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                      It's really difficult when we lose our creative way isn't it, I was also going to suggest just having a rest for a while.

                      But as you've said this doesn't help you, then this obviously isn't the answer for you so you should just go along with whatever makes you feel good and try to shrug off those feelings of guilt about not using the craft room as much as I'm sure your OH doesn't mind in the least. It will soon get put to very good use when your mojo returns

                      The artwork sounds like a great idea as you could easily sell this alongside your existing work at fayres and if it's something you enjoy then that can only be a good thing.


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                        I know exactly how you feel, I've tried Folksy, had no joy, had miniscule sales on Etsy and just opened a shop linked to my blog. People say my stuff is nice, but don't get any sales and I can't decide if they are being nice and it's actually pants or too expensive - hmm!!
                        Anyhoo, I agree about refashioning something for you, I'm about to chop up some old jeans to make some cropped jeans and do a bit of doodle stitching on them!!! make yourself something lovely, got to an art gallery, think about recycling stuff, visit a scrapstore, you'll refind your mojo
                        Twiggy x
                        PS Just had a look at your artwork and love the badgers would look great as a patch or on a t.shirt!!
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                          There's lots of fab ideas on here and has even got me thinking about making new things! Mind you last time I did this I thought I'd make myself a few bracelets and now I have a house full of them and my next craft stall is going to have to be 'bears & bracelets'!!!

                          How about photography? You can pick up a decent camera quite cheaply these days (that's if you don't already own one) Head to the local park and take some abstract type shots of flowers/trees/grass/swings etc etc and you never know you may even be able to incorporate them into future cards!

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                            Originally posted by Erial View Post
                            'bears & bracelets'!!!
                            Great name for a business


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                              I dont mean do nothing permanently, I mean just sit back and take stock and sit in the garden and think

                              If im getting stressed a bit, I put everything down and wander off to my allotment and spend a few hours away from the house, the pc, the phone, etc

                              recharges you