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  • Incompetence...

    2 weeks ago I emailed 6 printing firms about a special project I am working on.. 5 didnt reply at all, but one did within a few minutes.

    I called the guy as he asked for a few points to be clarified, and sent him some artwork and measurements. He promised a "quote by tomorrow".

    As I was busy with other things, and this project is still in its early stages I didnt hassle.. but today I realised it is 10 days since the quote was due so I called again..

    "apparently" they were delighted I had called back as they had quite given up on me!! (err.. what was my involvement in them sending me a quote???) .. turns out they had lost my initial enquiry, lost my follow up email, lost the artwork I sent them, and lost my phone number..! So they asked me to send it all again!! ..

    Hardly encouraging really, when you might be punting a couple of thousand pounds worth of business their way..

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    They sound like a right shower - not sure I'd trust them with an order at all!!!
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      You would think that the firms would be glad of your business and keen to win it right now.

      Good luck!!

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        That does not sound encouraging - I would be concerned that although they may get a quote out this time, whatever work you may be planning on giving them could 'get lost', be 'delayed' or some other equally lame sounding excuse.
        I used to get stuff printed, the printer assured me they were best price, latest equipment etc and 'guaranteed' turnaround times but when it came to holding them to these times it turned out that he had been 'economical' with the truth and was not a printer but a middleman and farmed out the work to whoever had spare capacity. There was always a 'problem' with my file hence the delays blah blah. Quality was variable, turnaround times rubbish and in the end I went elsewhere - it seems you have an early warning here.......
        You would think in current times people would be jumping at work offered
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          Crikey! Doesn't inspire a lot of faith, does it!
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            well, that sounds like great service! It's nice to know that there were great responses from the other 5 companies too!
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              I have sent you info re a man who can

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                Jane always knows a "man who can". Don't think I would trust anything to the firm who lost everything. As I say on a daily basis when dealing with some incompetence or other "no wonder the world is in such a mess"!


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                  Lol, 5 who didn't reply and 1 who lost all your enquiry info. Anyone fancy starting a printing firm? there doesn't seem to be much competition.

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                    If you need anything doing with foils then I know a fabulous firm in Kent that do work for us - they are friends of ours but they really are good I think they do regular printing too
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                      Originally posted by swirlyarts View Post
                      If you need anything doing with foils then I know a fabulous firm in Kent that do work for us - they are friends of ours but they really are good I think they do regular printing too
                      Ohh Swirly, I used to use 2 firms in Kent both of whom were excellent.. I sent a specification to one of them yesterday.. The only reason I didnt contact them first was the issue of delivery.. and I thought up here it might have been cheaper..


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                        Originally posted by greannancrafts View Post
                        I have sent you info re a man who can

                        Yes, thank you Jane ever helpful! I will get in touch with them when I get back