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Loving the weather!!

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  • Loving the weather!!

    Well we have finally got some good weather for this weekend... though the forecast isn't too promising from Tuesday onwards!!

    So what as everyone got planned for this weekend? Are you all out making the most of the summery weather?

    For us, today will be spent preparing for Stockton Brook's craft fair (Stoke on Trent), although looking at the weather we are definitely setting aside a couple of hours to take the dogs out on a long walk in the sunshine.

    We've been invited out this evening to a friend's birthday 'pub crawl' - I'm not too keen on the idea of drinking til I drop, old age must be getting to me, so I might let Gord do that one on his own lol.

    Tomorrow we've got our second craft fair of the year and are crossing our fingers for a grea turnout and hopefully lots of people spending!!

    Hope you're all having a great weekend whatever you decide to do

    Laura xxx

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    wheres the fair laura might ome along if i have survived today and am not to tired


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      You're right, it's glorious! I think I'm going to poke around the garden today and maybe go to the Hay-on-Wye festival tomorrow....
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        Loving the weather too, isn't it glorious - looking forward to the fair tomorrow too and have got some last minute bits to finish off & need to get everything ready, but will also find some time to spend outdoors

        See you tomorrow Laura & to anyone else who is coming along
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          such great weather. I only wish it would last through the week- i'm doing a big 4 day show at Patchings art and craft festival near nottingham 4th -7th and camping there too!
          I really, really wanted it to be sunny and warm, I love camping but in the rain it might not be so much fun.My daughter is coming to help so I'm looking forward to spending time with her,I Was hoping for lovely warm summer evenings just chilling together. I shall keep my fingers crossed!
          Happy Crafting!

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            Looks like great weather for all those off to fairs today! I've got a weekend off and I'm going to Blackpool tonight to see Dave Spikey, and family coming tomorrow for lunch and then a stroll along the prom (hopefully with ice creams!)
            I'm at a summer fair next Saturday though so i've put in a request for good weather next weekend too!



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              In this lovely weather I shall......Be packing. I will have to take some time off to sit on the grass outside the cathedral before I move home though. It just so beautiful around there when the sun is shining
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                Originally posted by rhulme View Post
                wheres the fair laura might ome along if i have survived today and am not to tired

                It's at Stockton Brook Scout & Guide HQ, Moss Hill, Stoke on Trent.

                Look forward to seeing you if you can make it



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                  The weather is lovely here to and the town and beach are mobbed (as usual during the summer months and bank holidays)

                  I am just sitting around doing nothing for a change!!!
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                    Glorious here in Burnley at the moment, and hopefully it will be a nice day tomorrow for the fair in Warrington.


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                      Our son is 16 tomorrow so it will be special, think we may have a nice drive out... shropshire maybe lol

                      Good luck with the fair tomorrow Laura xx


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                        Ive been a naughty girl lol!!! I know I said I was doing nothing but I went into town and whilst I was there bought two tops!!!

                        I very rarely buy clothes for myself and today Ive bought two!!!

                        Feel a bit guilty now but they did come out of birthday money I received!
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                          in this gorgeous beautiful weather i will be indoors in a weekend fair, one day done one too go
                          ( i have been nipping outside to soak up a few mins sun in the quieter moments though )
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                            good luck with the Fair Laura

                            what a lovely day today, had to drive to a wedding shop 15 miles and drop off an order then drive back the 15 miles and another 10 to drop off silver at a gallery, had the roof off the car so that was nice, sat in the garden making stuff but it was actually too hot!

                            went out with my husband for the first time in a while, with friends, had a nice italian and he's now sparko out on the sofa bless him

                            its 11pm still warm and all the windows are open, fab!


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                              How did it go laura? good I hope