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    Hidy all..........Just checkin in to let you all know I am alive and well. Very Very tired but well. I have been trying to get our chalet decorated and the garden redone and am still having problems getting online with this mobile thingy. I works sometimes and sometimes it want.
    I have always wanted this chalet every sence we lived on this park 2 yrs ago but it is in a right state and I wonder every night when I come home if its all worth it. The garden hasn't had a go going over in 5 yrs and I have had to dig out every bed and replant it. Still waiting for the bathroons to be redone. Suppose to be started this week. As for now I have repainted all the rooms and redone the kitchen.
    I know when we are able to get in it and settledown it will all be good but its just getting in that is doing my head in.
    Well thats my update for now. Hope everyone here is doing good and I miss all of you..........xoxox Neesey
    Shabby Neesey

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    Neesey post us some pics
    Chris xx
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