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  • Sorry - going round in circles!

    Sorry for the rant just a bit fed up today.

    Since november my hours have been cut from work making it such a squeeze financially. In Jan our company went into administration and didn't pay us for the first week and a bit of the year which made it even more difficult after Christmas.

    I have been determined since then to get my money through craft fairs etc making it an enjoyable way to make up the money. I previously worked 7 days a week only just scraping minimum wage which nearly killed me after two years.

    Now though I am shelling out for all the fairs and events and all the stock and I just seem to be getting even worse off. I can't buy enough stock to get free postage so im sure im paying loads more than i should but i cant really work it any other way.

    I really want to do my jewellery as a "proper" job whether its just part time or full time but i havent got a bean to invest in it. I have so many ideas but they all involve money.

    Its just heart breaking knowing that the products sell but not being able to do anything about it.

    Sorry to go on...


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    just pm you

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      Sorry to hear about your current situation. The forum is a great place to vent things and get some great advice so it's good that you've posted here.

      Have you thought about approaching shops and asking if they would be interested in selling your jewellery and bags on a sale and return basis? That way you're not having to pay out any money, they just take the commission from the sale of the item?

      I notice you also offer jewellery parties. Have you done many of these? My friend makes jewellery and makes most of her sales through them. Again there is no outlay, just a % for the host which they can sepnd on your jewellery, so it's no loss to you either. I'd say they def seem the way to go for your type of craft.

      Good luck and hope this helps.
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        Hi thanks Katianne.

        I started supplying my first shop last week on a SOR basis which is good news. I am going to be approaching more soon.

        I have done a couple of parties but mainly in Wales where my family and friends are based. I work in a very male orientated environment so its a little harder up here. It is definately something to focus on as you said there are such little costs with this method of selling.

        Thanks for your help



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          Its easy for me to tell you things can only get better when it feels like you are at the bottom! Keep on trying, it sounds like approaching shops could be a good way to go, maybe even try a hairdressers or two. I quite often put a display board up with some jewellery on it and usually sell about £25's worth a week, not much but its a start! I think lots of us are struggling a bit right now so trying lots of different outlets to get your work noticed may lead to commissions in the future. Selina x


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            Thanks Selina,

            £25 between a few shops/hairdressers could be a fairly easy way to make that extra bit of cash. I will get a list together over the weekend of potential businesses and start from there

            Thank you


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              Hi Chloe,

              I don't know if I've misunderstood your work situation, but if you're not actually 'at work' now in the week, have you tried approaching large offices (or even a few small ones) to see if you could spend a lunchtime or a couple of hours there with your display? That would also help with raising interest for parties too.

              If you then got to know & trust a couple of people in the offices you'd been in you could leave a few pieces with them and go back weekly to re-stock & collect money, leaving you free to introduce yourself into other offices. I have a friend who takes some of my jewellery into her work quite regularly, and I generally have some quite good sales from this.

              Tachbrook Park would be a good place to start in Leam, as people working up there can't go into town to shop in their lunchbreak.


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