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Death of an old freind

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  • Death of an old freind

    Ive been asked a few times where the name URBTAF comes from, well it was the name of my dog (my best mate) he was called BRU and as he got older it became FATBRU. I first met him when he was about 7 months, a big ugly bugger that nobody wanted but I saw something in him that said he was for us. He became the protector of my kids, the person I talked to for hours on end when I went through my bad split with my ex. When I got together with Net she didnt like dogs, but he would jump when she said anything (he knew how to handle women)
    Anyway to the point last wed. we got a call on the market from one of the kids to say bru had been poorly that day, it has been comming a while, he has been senile for a few months and his legs have not been working right. When we got home I knew I was being cruel keeping him going.
    So we took him to the vets, net was being strong to help me, but fell apart compleatly. The act was done, and it broke me, so if Ive been funny with anybody this week thats why. sorry
    So I dont want sypathy or anything like that fatbru was a big dog with a bad start in life he lived to be 17 years old and it was a bloody good 17 years, all I want to hear is happy comments

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    17 years is a good old life for a dog and can you imagine all the stories he's got to tell his doggy mates wherever he is, after listening to all your stories

    I'm sure he never forgot, you gave him a woof over his head when nobody else wanted him grrroan


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      I know you said you don't want sympathy, but you're getting there! I'm really sorry your best mate has gone, such a sad time for you all just now. However, like you said, he had 17 good years that I'm sure more than made up for the bad start he had. and he was obviously a smart dog if he knew how to handle women, wish it was a lesson my two would learn

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        17 years, that's what 119, he should have had a telegram from the Queen, gawd bless her, yep, doggy telegrams should be made official Go chase them rabbits FatBru...
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          Thank you for sharing this with us - must be a very difficult time for you so *hugs* from me x
          Lorna x

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            Here he is in all his glory. lol Taken 2 years ago when he was still a pup (in his mind) at Aysgarth Falls in the Yorkshire Dales. A gorgeous place for a walk if you're ever in the area.


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              I remember when my dog went at 17 years - He'd had a stroke and I drove to the vets at 11.30 at night in a near blizzard for his last injection.

              I do feel for you.
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                ...Will you get a puppy, do you think, in the near future?

                I read what you'd written about Bru being a dog nobody wanted, and thought about all the other poor dogs out there in the same boat, so I just wondered.

                I'm sorry about Bru, but you did the right thing, hard as it was. Seventeen years...that's a bl**dy good innings! Rescued as ayoungster, looked after & loved for all that time, and you didn't let him down at the end. He went with loved ones around him. What more could a dog (or even a person) ask for?

                Go on, get a rescue puppy.....

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                  He obviously had a happy life and made your life happy too - what memories.


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                    ...................awful moment.................he looks a bruiser though! 17 years beat mine by a year!


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                      We have 3 mutts (well the o/h insists his two are pedigree..) the oldest of which is a real creaking gate.. bad back, bad ears, bad legs, I have been "sure" she is on the verge of shuffling off this mortal coil and dreading it as like yours, she was here when the O/h had some very bad times to get through.. I'd hope he would be as brave and as strong as you about it when it finally happens.. but I know it will be quite the opposite..

                      It's not always nice doing the "right" thing, but when the time comes you have to deal with it as best you can.


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                        What a great innings, what a fantastic age for a dog and at least you were there for him at the end. I'm sure you'll have lots of happy memories to treasure.

                        Oh yes, and a little bit of sympathy even if you don't want it, as it must be tough for you even though you're trying to be strong

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                          Dave having done the same for my old dog some years ago I know how it feels mate.Umm can't think of owt else to say either which is unusual for me innit?
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                            That reminds me so much of a dog we had. My husband's best (human) friend was like a second dad to both of us he could be grumpy at times but he had a heart of gold and we loved him dearly. One day his brother-in-law came round to tell us he had died suddenly as you can imagine we were devastated.

                            Then he said he had to take our friends dog to be put to sleep as no one in the family could take him, they all had dogs of their own and Snut didn't get on with any of them. Snut was 10 the same age as our son we couldn't let him go to the vets and we adopted him. I thought he would only have a couple of years left. He was half lab and half german shepherd, Lab shape with german shepherd markings.

                            When he was about sixteen he began to slow down stiff legs, deafness etc. and he used to stay in his bed a lot. By this time we also had 2 cats and the little tabby used to go to Snut and wash his face and ears then sit by his bed for hours. Then one week he hardly got out of bed at all and we were thinking the time was coming to let him go, anyway I was cooking a mixed grill for tea and I was taking black pudding slices off the grill on to the plates when one slipped off. It didn't hit the floor but landed in Snuts mouth red hot! it was the first time he had moved for days.

                            A few weeks later it really was time to let go, coming back from the vets my husband was crying so hard he couldn't see to drive and I wasn't much better.

                            Since then we have had 2 more rescue dogs a staffie called Tess a total sweetheart and a poodle called Heidi who was 14 when we got her they both lived to 17.

                            And now we have our Cassie a total loony but we love her to bits.

                            I couldn't live without a dog in the house, I have tried and I can't do it.

                            Your dog had a long and wonderful life and you can't ask for more than that.

                            Chris x
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                              You gave him a great life & he lived for 17 years which shows he was well looked after & loved. I lost my dog just before she turned 18, she was a rescue I'd had for 16 years and it felt as though part of me had been ripped out. Tough times, but Bru will always be with you.

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