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First day on my own.......

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  • First day on my own.......

    It's a very strange day for me today - my husband moved out yesterday. Not altogether sure how i feel - a little numb. But I'll have to pull myself together for the sake of the children - the eldest of which was very tearful yesterday.
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    Keep your chin up sweetie, it does get easier (hugs)


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      Good thoughts from me too ((HUG))
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        {{{{{Hugs}}}}} my love. Thankfully not been through that, so don't really know how you feel, just know that it must be strange. You seem very strong and sorted generally, so I'm sure you'll cope and manage for the kids. I know from friends that time really does help and things will get easier.

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          Been there, 1st wife moved out 250 miles away and left me with 2 kids to sort through their teenage years, with no contact from their mum. It was hell, but you go into auto parent mode untill everybodies happy, then start living again.
          Looking at in retrospect 10 years later, it was maybe the best thing that could have happened
          You will cope, we all do


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            Hugs from me too ..


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              Chin Up.....

              .......spend some comfort time with your children, or go and do all those wee things you couldn't do when he was there, getting under your feet.

              Do your nails, have a long soak in the bath with a book & chocolate, do some crafting, or maybe bake an Easter Cake with the kids or go for a walk in the lovely Spring weather.

              Now the break has been made, you'll feel like it's rock bottom. So, the way from there is UP! It'll take a while, but you'll get into your own routines and learn to appreciate your own company.


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                I agree completely with urbtaf and Jules (ATC). Find some things that you had always wanted to do for yourself and enjoy quality time with the kids. Having seen the situation both as a child and a partner, it is the start of a new chapter in your life that you'll be in control of. And there will always be a friendly voice here on the Forum if you need someone... take care of yourself.

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                  I'm with them up there. It's now time to start the beginning of yours and the kids' lifes.

                  Get ya wellies on and all of you go out and play somewhere, doesn't matter if you get mucky, just go out and play and have some fun and try to laugh.

                  then home for baked tatties and hot chocolate, before baths and bed.

                  My ex ruled my life, I just didn't realise how bad it was, once me and the kids started doing our own thing, without having to explain ourselves we found it a lot easier.

                  as has been said, this is the bottom, now is the time to climb and live your life YOUR way.

                  Good luck


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                    Wishing you well, Clare. Change is scary and cold and all, but will lead to better days. Springtime is here, and your new life is all trembly and new like the season, but soon it'll be strong and growing in the sun...

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                      Lovely words Scorch. It is scary once it happens but then like everyone else has said, you begin doing little things that perhaps your husband didn't enjoy and then little by little your life pans out the way YOU want it. And without any bad atmosphere your home will be peaceful as opposed to silent, happy as opposed to just ticking over. Your heart will feel as if it's up near your throat but over time it'll get back to where it should be and you'll be content again. Best wishes lovely
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                        WOW - I am overwelmed

                        I had the stuff to do with the children and then made a start on trying to sort out the now half furnished house - and then I came back on line to find all these amazing words of comfort and advice.

                        Thank you all soooooo much...

                        Best wishes
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                          Awww...lots of hugs for you!
                          Gail x

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                            Keep your chin up my thoughts are with you x



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                              So sorry Clare, I have been there myself. Things will get better for you, this is the start of a brand new life for you, hold your head up, try to get out as much as you can, if its just out for a walk, visit friends, go to the cinema, take up a new hobby, just keep yourself busy. Things happen for a reason, I am glad now that we made the break. Lots of love to you, take care xx