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I'm So Bored!!!

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  • I'm So Bored!!!

    Hey guys, haven't posted on here for a while, but AAARGH! Sorry. I'm just really really really bored. I'm just sat here on my bill, I feel like I've read the internet, theres nothing on telly, nothing in the fridge worth troffing like a pig, got no good DVDs, I've read 2 library books (thick ones) in 2 days, and I have absolutely no-one to talk to! It's so pants, I just thought I'd share, and wondered if anyone else feels like this too? I have no friends where I live so I can't even just ring someone up and say look I've no money to go out but come round for a brew or something. My boyfriends pretty much ignored me this week as he is dismantling a car engine in our dining room . I feel so lonely OH AND DID I MENTION BORED!!!!!!!
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    aw doll!!! If i lived closer i would come for a tea !

    Maybe you should join a local jogging group or something. A wee bit of excercise and a blether will do you the world of good!