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Craft Fair Dilemma - Udate

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  • Craft Fair Dilemma - Udate

    Hi All
    Thank you to everyone who has replied to my dilemma thread on and off forum.

    I have just heard back from the organiser, they are not going to process the booking for the other stall as they now realise it is not made by them.

    The organiser thanked me for bringing it to their attention - she went on to say they had problems with another lady who said she made candles.

    It has become apparent that there are many people out there who not only mislead - either deliberately or unintentionally - their customers - or indeed make completely false claims.

    Never make a claim unless you can substantiate it! Just to be on the safe side.

    The Office of Fair Trading is there to protect us as consumers from such companies/individuals.

    From the office of Fair Trading Website----

    The Trade Descriptions Act makes it a criminal offence for a trader to put a misleading trade description on his goods and that includes false or misleading statements about where something was made.

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    Well done for reporting it! I'm sure the organisers appreciate the fact that you're looking out for their reputation as well as your own.

    Hope the fair goes well for you
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      good luck at your fair
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        Well done, Jane. It sounds like you handled it in a very calm and professional manner and it all helps to preserve the integrity of the 'handmade' market we all work so hard for.

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          That's good - you (and the organisers) have done the right thing. Particularly as it is being marketed as handmade. As has been said before, it is also worth everyone who makes their own goods advertising that on their stall when possible and pointing this out to customers too. People often pick up my cards with photographs on my stall and comment on them, when I say that they are all taken by me they look at them in a completely different way, but if I had not pointed it out they may have assumed I had just bought in the photos.


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            Well done - you and the organisers.

            AW bath and body stuff crops up all over the place as "handmade"!!
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              Good for you - I'm glad you got a result!
              Gail x

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                Oh, that's really good news Jane.
                I'm glad that the organiser had sense to not accept them - I think they would have lost a bit of respect from you if they had just turned a blind eye.
                Like you say, there are so many people out there trying to deceive others, if you hadn't have said anything it's almost as though you condone their actions. We have to stand up to these people, but in a calm and controlled manner, once we have established all the facts - you go girl!!
                I hope the fair is successful for you now x
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                  Well done to you Jane, sounds like it all worked out for the best and was handled professionally by yourself and the organisers. On the plus side as well they will know what to look out for if they organise any more fairs. Selina


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                    Well done Jane , you got the right result

                    sadly the sellers of these soaps from AW get away with calling them handmade because they are sold as "handmade" , just not handmade by the people buying them wholesale !!
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