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Bitten off more than I can chew?

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  • Bitten off more than I can chew?

    I'm sat here typing this with butterflies in my tummy and wondering if I'm starting to believe my own hype and can I really pull off everything that I've committed to so far this year.

    So I have a couple of craft fairs already booked and found out today that another pitch I applied for, they can take me. It's a new arts & craft market on Sundays in a small town nearby and there are 5 dates throughout this year, price is very reasonable (if I booked all dates, I get 5 for the price of 4!). And it will give me a chance to establish a regular customer base, if people like my stuff and it's only 5 dates around all the rest and I'm all excited AND

    My Mr Site package arrived today! I've been so inspired by all the comments on here by people using it that I took the plunge after talking about my own website, like, forever and now it's here and I want to rip off the packaging and get started straight away AND

    I'm organising our village funday and somebody has suggested that I also look at organising a craft fair at another point in the year and I think it could work really well with an another already established event in the village's calendar and I'd really like to do it and make a good job of it for everybody concerned AND

    I'm getting married in September and am making the bridesmaids's dresses and beading on mine, all our tiaras & jewellery, all our wedding stationery, decorating the venue, making favours (though I draw the line at baking my own wedding cake) AND

    I'm sat here with butterflies in my stomach, looking at that list and wondering how/if I'm going to manage it all and if I do, I'll be queen of everything I survey (lol!) and won't I feel good, but can I do it, and I want to get cracking on everything right now but hang on, I need to sit down, take a deep breath and start making some timescales and deadline lists and somebody get me a double JD, hold the ice....

    So, sorry to launch a bit of tirade there but just so excited and nervous about everything seeming to happen at once and just needed to let some of it out.....


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    Goodness Jane, I'm exhausted just reading about your year!!! Go for it, enjoy it and there will never be a dull moment but just for now make that a large JD!!! Selina


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      This is what I would do,

      Get out the paper and pencil - or excel spread sheet.
      Make a list of all you want to achieve and when it needs to be done by.
      Then prioritise your list, giving each item a score of 1-20
      Then work to the list, ticking off all achievements as they are done. ( a great feeling

      This way things will not seem so insurmountable (I hope)


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        Blimey! You're going to be very busy!

        BUT it all sounds absolutely fantastic! And I am a great believer that we attract good things to ourselves by thinking positively, so as long as you THINK it will be fine, then it WILL be fine.

        Making a list sounds like a great plan, maybe allocate times / days for each thing you need to do so that you can concentrate properly rather than flit from one to the other.

        I know you said you draw the line at amking your cake . . but you could make fimo toppers to go on the top Only joking really!

        But honestly, you have done all the hard work to get to this point, and there is no reason why it shouldnt work out for you!


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          If I could offer one piece of advice, try not to have any work at all at least three weeks before your wedding. I did everything for my wedding myself, and it was such hard work. I really wish I had planned a little better and factored in a break as well. It was worth it though, I just wish I had planned the time more effectively for myself.

          Good luck, and make sure you post pictures of all your achievements!
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            Go for it girl. Nothing is impossible.

            As said above make lists of time scales etc. That way you can tick off each section as it is completed and not be running around like a headless chicken.

            Best of luck, I'm sure you can do it!
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              Take deep breaths (Very deep breaths lol)


              But Remember your wedding is coming up so dont wear yourself out, give your self plenty of recoup time before the big day.


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                I sat down with my OH tonight and we had a chat about everything and he's really supportive. He knows all this is going to occupy so much of me but he believes I can do it (I looove that man of mine!)

                And do you know one of the mad things in this? When we went to look at the venue for our wedding, I stood in the hall and thought 'this would make a great place for a craft fair'..... lol!

                If beads were still currency, I'd be a millionaire!



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                  Just one word . . . . . , no - make that three . . . . .



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                    Yey, go for it! Like everyone has said already, lists, like a plan of works for builders, or a time plan for cooking, working backwards from the date you need things to present time. Enjoy and be happy and good luck with everything
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                      You're going to be a very busy bee

                      Definitely prioritise and if you decide it's all going to be too much then decide which one's got to give.(presumably not the wedding lol)

                      If you think you can comfortable manage it all then get yourself a wall planner and get one of those big day-to-a-page diaries then there's plenty of room on each day page to write in phone numbers/contacts/ who you spoke to/where/when etc without having lots of little bits of paper floating around.

                      Good Luck


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                        What an exciting year you have ahead! I'm sure you'll manage it brilliantly and have a good time while you're at it! Look forward to hearing all the details.

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                          As the others have said charts, plans, priorities and delegation are the routes to take.

                          (BTW make the JD a Johnny Drum - better still the Private Stock 15yr old bottling)
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                            Busy, busy, busy - try to take it a step at a time and concentrate on what needs your attention next (apart of course from your wedding which will always be needing your attention), deal with the jobs in order of priority and feel the pressure go as you get on with things. All the very best with what looks like being a mega year.


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                              one step at a time

                              only advice..finish one job before starting another....good luck. Auntie Pegxx