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  • Popcorn

    Anyone addicted to popcorn? LOL

    I've just tried the microwave popcorn from lidl but some of it burnt. I have another two packets to perfect it

    I usually do my own in a pan but how does anyone get the sugaring bit done. I just pour sugar over it once in the mixing bowl and it just lumps at the bottom of the bowl... Any suggestions welcome.
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    I get that butterkist that you put in the microwave. I don't do it for as long as it says because it burns. When you've eaten it all you can just put the un popped kernals back in the microwave.
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      Buy it ready made, the toffee one, I have never been able to perfect the micro stuff!
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        Not exactly addicted here, but I prefer the buttered kind from the microwave - I also use the 'pop 2x' method
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          you can melt some butter and mix in sugar or honey and it sticks to it. Mix it well to make sure you dont get one very buttery one and none on the rest
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            oooh I like the idea of butter and honey!

            My second attempt at microwave popcorn is much better than the first one, no burnt bits!
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              ohhhh your all making me want to run out and buy some pop corn. But it freezing out side


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                I've got one of those popping machines, it blows hot air at the corn and then as it pops it comes out of the spout into a bowl. I just then add salt or melted butter and sugar, or leave it plain to be healthy. My daughter loves it with butter. The good thing about it is that it never burns.

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                  I do the melted butter and honey thing too, it's very moreish. Icing sugar is nice on popcorn too. Also while it's still warm I like putting some maltesers in it, the chocolate starts melting and to pick up a malteser is a nice surprise too! I first had them in the piccies, our youngest can't have most popcorn because of his nut allergy so has maltesers instead and, in the dark, he'd put a few in my popcorn as a surprise bless him.
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                    Our family love popcorn and we often share a bag when we play games with the children. The microwavable popcorn is really handy, I found that it turns out best if its cooked for the shorter length of time rather than for longer (they sometimes give an approximation for how long to cook them for). I hope that makes sense.

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                      Does anyone have a recipe that works (everything I tried burned or lumped up!) for making the thin coating sort of toffee, to make your own butterkist-style popcorn?

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