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I'm so excited!!

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  • I'm so excited!!

    Hi all,

    I went up into our loft today for something mundane and found TWO BLACK BIN LINERS FULL OF FABRIC, FELT, WOOL, NOTIONS, THREADS, BUTTONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had forgotten all about them, they must have been there for about six years!!!

    I think my mojo is coming back!!!!! Hooray!!! If only I had the time to create.

    Just thought I'd share this with you as we all know the feeling of coming across a nest of fabric and notions!!!!!

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    I know how you feel. Urbtaf has been sorting through all the beads stashed in the garage and bagging up the ones I won't use so we can sell them on the stall. They're mostly acrylic and glass beads that I bought when I first started making jewellery and I know I won't use most of them now but he has discovered some little gems amongst them - that I'd totally forgotten about - and I've had a few ideas of what to do with them.

    Its like putting on an old coat and finding a fiver in the pocket!

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      Wow! What a find, like Christmas all over again!


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        Oooh, wonderful! I must go and have a furtle in my attic - there must be all sorts up there!
        Cathy xx
        I don't have a short attention span, I ... Ooh look, there's a chicken!


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          Wow....! Well done you!

          We've only been in this house just over a year so I know exactly whats in my loft.....

          But might try my mums tomorrow though!!!!!! He he

          Karen x


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            I know this feeling I was moving veary often and it is wonderful to find things after years

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              I have stuff all over the place in various boxes and bags, my problem is finding the stuff I know I have... somewhere....
              When I was younger I often used to put a spare fiver in my pocket in case of emergency, It was lovely to find it months later. My FIL gave DH an old classic black suit about 5 years ago and we found some tickets for a dance in 1972 and four brand new old £1 notes in the pocket.



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                How lovely. I always knew there was a good side to spring cleaning once every 'Ten Years'.
                God helps them that help themselves.