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  • The last few days

    *nods* Yep, the last few days have been different to say the least.

    We've known for a while at work that we had a meeting on Monday night to 'discuss renegotiating contracts', and had a fair idea what that would entail. Like any other retail business right now, we're not doing fantastic, so we knew it would be to do with our hours.

    We do need to cut back, and save money, and the two Xmas temps are losing their jobs too. Hours probably being cut, shifts moved around, all that sort of stuff... but most of us are okay about it. If we still have a job at the end of it, then we're doing much better than millions of other people out there, right? Gotta look positive.

    So that's the bad part.

    The good part is twofold. I figure you don't get anywhere without asking, right? So I popped into a local store on the high street in my break today, and asked if she'd be wiling to take on some of my jewellery. Not a definite, but she seemed positive. It's sorta against the rules I think for her to take on other items, but I think she might! Not a huge amount, but it would be a start. She really liked the things I showed her, and seemed really quite positive. But, even if she doesn't say yes, it's still good feedback.

    The second thing? I just had confirmation today of an £80 order to Australia! She also said that she'd be wanting to order more later in the year, and asked if I did any gold jewellery too.

    So... good and bad, but it's ended on a good note with that confirmation email.

    Rach x

    Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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    sorry to hear about your job its tough for most people right now! but thats really good about the shop possibly taking on your jewellery and an order from australia!!!! i would offer to hand deliver it if i were you!!!! hehe
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      It's good to see that the good stuff is balancing out the negatives for you. Fingers crossed for you about the shop taking your jewellery!


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        Ying & Yang! Where there is good something bad is happening and vise versa. It's what makes the world go round.

        Also fate, I am a big beliver in fate, things happen for a reason and the job loss cloud could be a lining for you to make your business bigger.

        Anyway that is my vision over, but either way thinking positive like you are will always get you far, keep your chin up, best of luck both ways.

        Cheers lisa
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          Good luck and fingers crossed all round!!!!
          Reach for the moon-if you miss-you'll still be amongst stars


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            Hand deliver it, lol... I wish!

            Just to make things clear, nobody at work has lost their job yet, but I know some stores in the chain have gone down that road. So far for us, it's hours being cut.

            I agree with fate and yin and yang. For one bad thing, there's a good one somewhere. I'm also trying my best to keep positive on things and not get overly stressed. I don't think it's working though, as I've had a headache for about a week now, lol.

            It is slightly better now that I have something else to work on. Kinda keeps my mind off things at times.

            I'm hoping the lady in Aus will spread the word and tell people about my site when it's up and running, and even the lady at the store might advertise for me if nothing else.

            Time will tell.
            Rach x

            Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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              Well done you for having the courage to go into the shop and ask, you deserve to be successful and I hope she does take some of your work.
              You are right, no good worrying about your job, what's going tohappen will happen whether you worry or not and I'll keep my fingers crossed for Australia.
              God helps them that help themselves.


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                Great news about the order and the shop! Keep us updated!

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                  Great news about your order and hopefully having your items stocked in the local shop - well done for having to courage to approach them!!

                  As for your cut in hours at work, this may be a blessing in disguise to allow you the time to expand your own work

                  Good luck!!


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                    Sorry to hear about your job that really sucks but as you say at least you still have work.

                    But what great news about the orders. I think that is wonderful. Well done you!
                    Take care






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                      Thanks guys.

                      I can't really update you on anything here apart from the job situation. Hours have been cut, I'm down to 5 hrs a day now. (5 days a week). I still have a job, but funds are gonna get a little tighter from March.

                      So, that said, I've just spent a fair bit on stuff for pmc / art clay silver... lmao, might as well while I've still got the spare cash, right?

                      Been working this weekend (I hate working Saturdays!!!), only had today off, and the weather isn't constructive to getting any new pics done for the site. Played with pmc instead, lol. So, I'm no further forward with the site with the time restrictions and weather, but I am practicing
                      Rach x

                      Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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                        All good things take time! Or that's what I tell myself anyway!

                        Sorry to hear that your hours have been cut and money is going to be tight. Maybe once your site is up and running you will get a few sales to help you out

                        x x


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                          Thanks hun.

                          Just to say, sorry I'm not about as much as I'd like to be. This is my bad week at work, having just had one day off this past weekend. This week always kills, but I always live to see another, lol.

                          Rach x

                          Dare to dream ~ never afraid to fail.

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                            Glad to hear about your good news! I think bad news is always made a bit better if something good comes alongside it, or its not as bad as it can be!!!

                            Fingers crossed for you, jobs and jewelrywise!