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    I was planning to start selling my jewellery ( or at least have it online ) buy today, but i havent. Iv been plagued by this flu for the last fortnight i went out last nite and lost my voice due to all the shouting, so im feeling worse. I have made nothing to sell for about a month, not called IR to tell them im starting, not done any of my blog or anything online to sell my items. i just feel so crap just now, i just want to go and curl up in the corner and just sleep untill summer.

    Sorry for posting it here, i just needed to let it out somewhere. (Hope you dont mind )

    Jake x

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    Hi Jake

    I am behind also got struck down by the flu over Christmas, we have all been there, don't panic just get well and then regroup. Your health is more important and what are a few more days or weeks you will get there in the end. don't rush as the finished product may not be what you want use this time to chill and plan and if you feel up to it get the beads ready for the designs in separate containers, then when you want to make all ready.

    I have been planning my Valentines selection, as I do not feel quite strong enough to start sewing but have managed over a few days to get all the fabric, ribbon and card in a box so hopefully over the weekend can start.

    Good Luck and you can always have a moan


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      That flu is bloody awful! Take your time and plan it, then it'll look even more spectacular.

      Get well soon, Debbie


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        thanks everyone, today im feelin a little better but still not upto doing much so might scribble down ideas for jewellery


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          It may help to know you are not alone, i have been telling people for months that my site will be up and running 1st Jan, posted it on my holding page, not let any one see anything much till the big day and here we are and it is no where near finished, the flu has had me layed up for 3 weeks.

          Not to be defeated, i have changed the date on the website to just January and when people ask about the site i just say it will be worth the wait............ now i just have to pull something really good out of the bag.

          Let's all aim for hitting the end of the month with a bang


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            I decided to give my website a right old revamp, to make it look more professional. So I got lots of tips from people and off I went, took all the piccies off yesterday, then the pages, set up the construction page thingy and started work.

            It took me all day and most of the night to get the home page how I wanted it, I just couldn't get the photos and buttons to line up with each other, then I couldn't get the links to the buttons to make them clickable.


            Anyway, that's gone ok now, am just in the process of listing it all up (and seperating kids, doing the washing, feeding the hoards etc etc)


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              Hope you get over this flu soon! We've all had it too.

              I always say things will get done when they get done. I think there's a right time for everything and like ppl have said, best wait until you feel more up to it as you'll feel more positive, creative, inspired and you'll get better results.

              I've been putting off updating my website for so long and was planning to do it the first 2 weeks in Jan, but then one evening I just got into it and got stuck in and ended up working till 3am. So when you're good and ready to do it, you'll know the time is right.

              Chin up



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                As everyone else has said, concentrate on getting yourself right again, get over this horrible flu bug and then think about your website. If you wait til you are feeling better then you will be happier with the end result as you'll be able to put more into it


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                  Don't worry about it - a few more days won't matter in the long run.
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                    As has already been said, just leave it until you're feeling better, hope that's soon


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                      I hope you're feeling better soon. I wouldn't worry about it too much, as everyone else has said, wait until you can give it your all. Plus I don't think too many people spend money in january, so that gives you a month to make it look fab! Can't wait to see it
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