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  • losing the flab

    seems a few people have resolutions to lose weight or get fit. Does anybody fancy a thread that we can keep going all year to spur each other on and get the motivation going.

    I want to lose aboiut a stone, give up eating fatty foods evryday and tone up.


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    Ooh, great idea!

    I'd like to lose about a stone, or more!

    I'm rubbish at dieting and worse at exercising, but with everybody joining in, I reckon it'll spur me on!
    Eeek just realised I'll have to go dig the scales out
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      I'm starting with a vengence on Monday (as got visitors coming & going until then) so happy to join you then & spur each other on
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        I really need to lose weight and cut down on my fat and sugar intake. I had a hysterctomy in October and am feeling great now, but am overweight and have high cholesterol so need to act on it. Not feeling very motivated at the moment to be honest but you lot might encourage me.

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          I'm going to start on Saturday
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            great, glad others joinging me. Im going to start on monday 5th i think as on hols till 3rd and want to be able to eat holiday food. And you cant start on a sunday so will wait till the monday


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              Sounds like a fab idea - been doing an online diet, but had to stop as can't afford it

              Lost 1 1/2 stone since August though, but still have a couple to go - would love to swop support and motivation!

              Planning to start (again!!) Thursday - I know 1st day of the year is cliche, but got to start somewhere!



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                I am going to start next monday, hopefully all the christmas chocolate and sweets will be eaten or out of the house by then!

                I found going to weight watchers really helped last year, I lost a stone between January and June (not that quick I know but it worked well for me as I am no good at exercising! My OH lost 4 stone in that time ) but then I have put two thirds of it back on since then. If I can lose a stone in the next few months I will be happy.

                I think having a thread to help spur each other on is a great idea!
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                  im stuffing my face with all the choc and crisps in house and had curry for dinner. Enjoying all the badness while i can as no more as of next week. if its in the house i will eat it so must get rid of now.


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                    Great idea this one. I'm trying to walk myself slimmer as I'm now taking my fit 6yr old Engish Setter for long, mostly 1hr walks when I have the time. Started about 3 weeks ago after reading a Cesar Millan " dog whisperer " book. Hubby & I did a 1hr 20mins today. I've managed a lot over the holiday time but I'm back to doing 4 hrs work tomorrow then 2 hrs weds so I feel a long one coming on after that. Usually she'll have 2 or 3 25 mins walks. Good luck to everyone reach their goals in the coming year.
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                      Wonder if my OH has read this thread yet?

                      He's just been to the docs today for the results of his yearly check up and he's been informed that he's put on one and a half stone since last year!

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                        It's all that chocolate you keep buying from the market.
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                          Went to the docs today for the results of my yearly check up





                          cholestral-low enough

                          blood pressure-fine

                          weight- one and a half stone up on last year

                          I could blame auntynet and her cooking!! but not having a death wish
                          Its the dogs fault, at 17 he just doesnt want to go on those long walks anymore
                          Solution get back in the sweatshop and work faster,


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                            I think I know why I've put weight on.....

                            It's all this sitting infront of the tv with the laptop on one knee and my tea on the other knee!
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                              As soon as I am healthy I will join in. Got ds Health Coach.... which tells me I am an ideal weight. I might be but I need to tone up my muscles after having 2 children my tummy, thighs and bottom need work... not to mention my hair needs a dye.
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