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Bloody flu!!

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  • Bloody flu!!

    Merry Christmas everyone! And I'd just like to send out my sympathy to anyone who got the flu! It's knocked me sideways for a week and a half and most of the rest of South Wales has it too. Except my OH who is VERY glad he got the flu jab! (Don't you just love smug OH's?)

    Anyhow, the worst is over! Although I still can't taste or smell anything!

    Get well soon to anyone sick out there!


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    Hi Debbie - Merry Christmas to you too - I'm glad you are on the end of it and can empathise because it seems 90% of my family have been hacking their way through the festivities with some virus/flu or another too !


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      You poor thing,
      Get yours at
      I have been lucky to escape the dreaded lerge but it seems everyone else I know has had it or have it now (including my 10 year old daughter).

      I can fully sympathise and am glad you are getting over it now.

      Best wishes to anyone else suffering and PLEASE dont breathe on me hehehe
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        You have my sympathy because we were struck. First myDS off school for a week on antibiotics. He went back I went down with it and had a week of antibiotics. He went down again, more time off school, meanwhile i had to have double strength anties for another 7 days. He's still coughing and I am left with an aching chest from so much coughing. It certainly lingers! And DH? Well he had the worst bout of the lot but funnily enough he was over it in two days.....


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          Oh yuck, poor you, hope you're better soon. Came down with a cold yesterday, but nothing worse than that thank goodness, although it's really coming out today & I'm feeling yucky.

          Take care everyone who's ill & hope you're all better soon.

          I had the dreaded Novovirus last year & that just knocked me for 6 for weeks - it was awful. I've been taking Aloe Vera juice and probiotic's this year to try & ensure I don't get anything like that again, thank you very much!
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            Oh we've all had it too. Worse is my little one who is just 1. She's been coughing so much and has been in such a bad mood the last few days. She's usually such a happy little thing. I'm just finishing my course of antibiotics and DH seems to get it all over again! DS hasn't been hit too badly, but has been complaining of a sore throat.

            Hope you get better soon! Bring on spring...



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              So sorry to hear you've been suffering. There are four of us in our house, DS no 1 started with it, then DH, who then passed it onto me. DS no 2 was pretty quick though and started taking excessive amounts (5 or 6 a day instead of only 1) of vitamin C tablets as soon as his brother got the flu! I warned him to be careful about taking too many but - touch wood - he's not caught it and we've all been clear of it now for a couple of weeks so maybe there is something to be learned from an 18 year old?

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                hope you all feel a bit better now. My hubby had a cough for about 2 weeks now & it's only just starting to get better. Coughing most of the day & night which means little sleep for us both. Touch wood mum & I are clear & want to keep it that way. all the best to you all.
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                  I am guessing by this thread that we have been lucky. Only my son has had a really bad cough (up all of 1 night) and since then we have been ok.
                  There seems to be a bit of everything going round just now!! Hopefully the cold snap will kill off some bugs!!!



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                    The flu has knocked most of my family off thier feet, It just seems a never ending vicious circle at the moment, my grandmother of nearly 90 has been taken ill with it now, she waited from (last night) 6pm until 12.15am this morning for the emergency doc to arrive, thats how many people have this virus!

                    I wish all of us and all we love a healthy 2009!