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  • Christmas Countdown

    Arrggghhhhhhh.....omg omg omg......I'm sooooooo excited there's only four more sleeps till Christmas.
    I am having the Christmas eve party.....just a buffet and we, the family, all swap prezzies and if we want, we open one.
    I've decided its going to be the one from secret Santa cause I just don't think I could wait another day.
    Oh and I have updated my blog, it's called A Christmas Past, A Christmas Present. It will explain why we open a prezzie on Christmas Eve.
    Does anyone go to midnight Mass? I love going as we have Carols for half hour before midnight and I love all the other Christmas hymns we have during Mass. And then I go home and put my teenagers (they not children anymore) Christmas Hat at the bottom of their bed. This year though its going to be just a Christmas bag with lots of little goodies in. Me and hubby started the Christmas hat idea to give the kids something to open when they woke up in the morning but it would also give us a little longer in bed before the mad excitment of opening all the other prezzies.
    Christmas day dinner is in my big sisters house so no hard slogging for me as I will do it all the evening before at the Christmas Eve buffet! still to bed now so that I can get pass one more sleep
    Merry Christmas everyone......merry Christmas
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    Bah Humbug:d