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Be careful what you wish for..

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  • Be careful what you wish for..

    argh just spent what felt like forever in bed and i cant believe how incredibly boring it was, The evening before I got sick I had wiped my computer with the intention of starting it again and making it all bright and sparkly I was going to spray the computer case and stencil fairies across it with a pretty fairy theme when I set it back up.. etc I had so much to do.. ..
    So A week of feeling sorry for myself and hibernating in bed and on the couch with no computer for comfort and movies and I dont even own a tv everything goes through the computer. I dont think I have hand written so much in years. I had to miss a xmas craft fair and my first aerial silks lesson.
    So imagine my surprise when I redid my computer an there was an email of emma at Misi to say i'd been choosen as seller of the week. i'm sure i'm going to sound even loopier than usual with my interview replies. I'm a bit miffed I also missed my yorkshire pudding weekend as i dont have any free weekend time now until after new year due to family. That is the last time I wish for week off I might just get it....

    "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies."

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    Awww what a miserable week for you, having to miss out on so much

    Glad to hear your feeling better now though and hopefully full of energy again to get going on all those delayed projects.

    Computer being all sparkly with fairies sounds fab!



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      thanks debs.... oh i'm being such a grot bags to everyone at the mo must be extended pmt... I cant get organised argh is there anyone close to me that can actually get hold of me a shake me out of this horrible drab mood.... I have an indulgence evening tommorow and only half my things ready and i have to do all my labels again eek i accidently cut them wrong and have a bit missing... mmm is it to early for a stiff drink....ummm

      "Friends help you move. Real friends help you move bodies."