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  • Idea???

    Hi all....

    unfortunately I had not been able to "come by" for some time due to some private problems.
    Anyway..all that is behind me now I am glad so say.
    But the time was not entirely wasted as I have had an idea which has been on my mind for a while.
    I intend to publish a little leaflet-type-publication.Initially I intend to write about recycling some every-day stuff, such as how to make a lamp out of a chocolate box for example.Later on I hope to expand into other areas as well.
    As I will finance this entirely myself I wonder what your views about this idea would be.
    I have no yet given much thought to the pricing aspect of the leaflet which will consist of 4 pages to start with but I would have to recover the printing cost.
    Due to printing cost, there will be a limited amount of leaflets printed ( that's the plan so far) so I am interested in your views.
    Hope I have posted this in the right column......
    Keep on crafting

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    Have you thought about doing it online ?

    Are you looking to just cover costs or make a profit ?

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      Yes, I had thought about doing it online.But I lack the know-how in constructing a website....and to be honest I don't have the patience either.
      No, I don't want to make a profit from it, I just want to cover the cost...with the view to print some more with other ideas.
      Since (to my knowledge) no-one has tried this so far, I thought it might be worth giving it a go.
      If it doesn't work my loss wouldn't be astronomical and I'd be able to put it down to experience.
      Keep on crafting


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        Good luck but be careful

        I think its a great idea but as I used to work in publishing I must say that if you are going to do things with electric appliances and some one has an accident it could be dodgy for you.

        Your local newsagent and craft shops might put it on their counters have a chat with them before spending to much money.

        Good Luck


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          Please check the dates of posts you reply to. Libby hasn't been here for over a year!