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  • WHY oh Why!!!!

    Why oh Why is it people can not pick up the phone or email to tell you they are not going to show up for a course they booked only last week!!!!!!

    I am now out of pocket as I supply a buffet lunch on my glass fusing course and wasted my time!

    I have to say I have learnt a few valuable lessons ie always send a reminder!

    I just don't understand why its so hard to say, " I'm sorry I can not make it on wednesday as the car has broken down/cat is sick/ child is sick/ I cut off my hand"

    I'm sorry I just had to vent and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.


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    How frustrating. I think the answer is to take a deposit that covers any out of pocket expenses such as the lunch. In fact it is not unreasonable to take full payment in advance, it's what I would expect if I booked a course.


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      Sign of the times I'm affraid Ann but it doesnt stop you feeling so let down does it. Don't your students pay on booking? Maybe that could be something to consider - non returnable of course.
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        Yes, deifinitely ask for payment in full before the course commences. I've taken a course before and looked into others and they all expected this. Whoever it was missed out big time!
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          How frustrating for you. I agree with the others, take the full amount on booking. Even then there is no guarantee they will turn up, but at least you won't be out of pocket. People just have no consideration. I have lost count of the number of craft fairs etc I have done where stall holders have not turned up - even having paid the full fee - and not let the organiser no. In this day with all the choices of communication it should not be a problem to get in touch!


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            Hi Everyone thank you for your support,

            I had asked this lady for a deposit and she emailed thursday to say she had posted it! Of course this also hasn't arrived. It was all so last minute I was sure she would come.

            Oh well.... at least I can play with the glass!


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              I wish I was closer, I would take her place, it sounds like a wonderful craft to learn!


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                How rude. I have this a lot with my diet business which I run from home, people make appointments then just don't show up, which is sooo annoying but at least I'm not out of pocket, it's just my time that's been wasted. There is no excuse and it's just plain rudeness, I even ask people when they first start to please let me know if they can't make an appt, a text is fine if they don't want to pick up the phone, but still quite a few just disappear. Maddening
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                  As a hairdresser I get this happen to me occaisionally. We always try to take phone numbers at my salon so we can at least call people and anyone we're not sure will turn up (you get to know which ones won't) we phone the day before. My 9 am appointment on Monday didn't arrive, she's a regular so I rang her, when she answered the phone I said 'you have a 9am appointment', she says 'yes', I say 'are you still coming', she says 'yes', I say ' well, its nearly ten past', she then has a fit because she's not even dressed and thought the appointment was Tuesday!!! I did manage to fit her in and her hubby now thinks she has dementia as she did this last week as well LOL!!!!


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                    It's amazing how many peoples cars break down if they have a course booked. it's happened with me three times.
                    The last time I just said "o yeah" it sort of just slipped out. Don't think there's a chance of her coming back.
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                      I have a freind who runs a campsite and regularly has folk book and then if the weather is iffy they don't show. Its a problem as in the summer they are always fully booked and turning folk away. Anyway they now take 50% deposit and if you are not in by a certain time or have let them know he relets the pitch. He is also very good a phoning folk up and making them squirm, he fairly regularly tells folk he will have to invoice for the first night anyway as he help the place and often they pay. I couldn't do it but why should you feel bad and them not do?


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                        Oh yes I completely agree Ann as I had 2 ladies who had booked for the entire run of my card making classes not show. It really annoyed me as I left a phone message for one and an email for the other after the first session along the lines of 'hope things are ok, we missed you at the class tonight - next week we'll be doing blah blah and it starts at 6 again any questions just give me a ring' as I assumed they'd just forgotten. I heard absolutely ziltch from them ever. The worst thing was that as the classes were full other people who wanted to attend couldn't, admittedly after the 3rd week I took the chance that they wouldn't show and booked others in their space for the last 3 workshops.
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                          Don't these people have any conscience?
                          I booked a table at a 'sale' last saturday, then the week before I he told me there were only 4 people + him booked. I didn't want to let him down so I decided to take all my beads etc and use the time to make up a few more bits for the next fair. I turned up to find the hall deserted, came back home expecting to find a message .. but No.. nothing.
                          I even went down on Sunday in case I got the date wrong - still deserted.


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                            I'd agree with a deposit or full payment up front.

                            I am doing a lampworking course next month and when I phoned to book I asked about a deposit and they said don't worry just pay on the day. I was really surprised as I would not arrange to teach a course myself without some form of deposit - minimum of 25% at least.

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                              Must say I agree with everything everyone has said. Every course I have done, I have had to pay IN FULL in advance, so I don't think it unreasonable for you to do so. It soon shows those who are committed to doing the course and those who think "yeah I might like to do that, if I'm not doing something else".

                              Good luck with any future courses.
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