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I want to share the love :)

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  • I want to share the love :)

    I have only recently fully understood rep power and I have just read a post where some one has rated a thread.

    Although I may not post very often when I do need help you lovely people are always so helpful. I also love looking at everyones crafts.

    I want to go over some old threads and give rep power/rate threads, as I would have done at the time if I'd have fully understood how to. If I do this will it bump up all the threads to the top and if it does is that ok even if it's an old thread?

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    If you're adding rep (by clicking on the pair of scales in the top right corner) to an old post then nope it won't bump the post to the top again so go ahead and spread the love
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      Thanks for the help you got the 1st dose of love

      I'm off to bed now but will be back in the morning to share some more xx


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        Im so glad you asked this question, so many people have helped me out (and now I have learned how to thank them with rep) I too have to go and spread some love lol