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  • In the paper

    Hiya peeps

    I thought I would let you know that I am in todays issue of News of the World, on page 43. You can also view part of the story online here -

    Let me know what you think!
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    I think it's great! OHHH!! YOUR FAMOUS NOW!!!

    (At least your not in there for the 'usual reason' or are you saving that story for a kiss and tell after the honeymoon!)

    Good luck to you both, I bet you had a fab day!



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      oooo thats fanatsitc hun you look amazing xx

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        Wow, that's brilliant.
        Although 23 years ago my wedding was 'economical' against the full prices.
        Wedding dress £45 in the sale (£180), Bridesmaids dresses - laura ashley trimmed by mum £30 each ( £120 each ) Car hire - posh but not Rolls. £45 (£120), Photo's £25 - Advertising photographer friend (£150) and we had a sit down salad buffet and apple pie for 55 people at the local hotel £550 (£1,000+) invites £20 - from local printing firm (£70)
        It wasn't tacky at all and my cousin said it was very classy.
        Although I was getting stressy before the wedding I realised afterwards that the only thing that really mattered was the vows and not the fancy bits.



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          well done you & all the best to you both for the future.
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            Good luck to you both. It just goes to show you can still have a fabulous day even when you are on a budget! Selina


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              Thanks guys

              We did have a fantastic day, and didn't feel it is was extra cheap, we just wanted to have fun!

              It's nice to have it in the paper, I hope it inspires other couples too
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                Well done ! And here's wishing you both many years of happiness


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                  Well done you (two)!

                  It just goes to show that you don't have to fall for all the expensive 'must haves' that marketing people say you do.

                  Here's to many years of fun!

                  Best wishes.
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                    Congratulations! You both look really happy.



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                      oh wow well done!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                        You look sooooo happy in that pic - just like a bride should look. I'm amazed at the number of wedding pics you see where the "smiles" are so obviously fake. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and you know what the best bargain of all was ? . . . . . . .

                        You made some beautiful memories that will last you a lifetime and they didn't cost a penny!

                        Here's wishing you both all the best for a long and happy marriage.

                        BTW - I thought I did well spending about £3500 on our "budget" wedding!

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                          Congratulations on your wedding and big congrats on doing it on a budget - bet it didn't feel any less special than if you'd spent £13k on it! We buggered off abroad for our wedding 5 years ago and including the honeymoon spent about £1000 - the same amount my friend is spending just on her dress next year!!! My dress (a strappy white cotton/linen number) cost a tenner from H&M and my parents laid on a party as our wedding gift for when we got home. Not everyone's cup of tea admittedly but given the choice now I still wouldn't have done it any other way.
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