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OH why do I do it? I am so ill...

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  • OH why do I do it? I am so ill...

    Eugh...why do I drink alcohol? I know my body just can't take it eville cocktail and then I just can't say no to more drinks-yuk so stupid. Anyone got any cures for a splitting headache?

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    Drink loads of water and get to the chemist to buy some Resolve - it works wonders.


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      Urgh - I hate being drunk and haven't done it for a long time. In fact i think the last time was when I met up with Mr M and his girlfriend so last summer. I think I only had 2 glasses of wine
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        I know for a fact i'm no longer a teenager, just cos I can only drink one glass at a time, I'd be sick if not!
        And to think I used to spend days at a time being drunk before sobering up! Urgh! Making me feel ill just thinking about it!
        Have you ever tried stroh? It's 80%!!!! I was given a shot of that on my 18th birthday (after already having had too much!) it knocked me right out!

        Hmm why is it that stupid things also seem like a good idea when you are drunk? What the worst thing you've ever done when drunk?

        I think mine was telling my best friend....(cringing thinking about it nearly a year later!).....I told her that her boyf was planning to propose

        I nearly died when I remembered!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I've never been stupidly drunk since!!!!!!
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          I know only had a couple glasses of wine and i am so ill- i think I should probably just stick to beer-though I know its not very ladylike having a huge pint in my hand when everyone else arround me is having fancy cocktails and wine.

          Oh my headache! staring a computer all day doesn't help either. To b ehonest I much prefer sitting on the couch in my slippers eating ice cream and watching sex and the city.


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            A big fat fry up in the morning, works for me... niam niam niam...