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Wedding Anniversary today

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  • Wedding Anniversary today

    It's our 5th wedding anniversary today Can't believe how quickly it's gone feels like yesterday that we were on the beach in Sri Lanka saying our vows.

    Flipping A14 was shut the morning so hubby got to work an hour late meaning he'll be home late tonight, boo. Luckily we'd already decided not to go out tonight and instead we're getting a massive takeaway pizza, a posh bottle of fizzy pop from Waitrose and a dvd - might not sound very exciting to some but we'll be together and that's the most important thing
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    I'd much rather do that than go out!!

    Have fun
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      My boyfriend and i bought a house four months ago and our friends can't understand what's so appealing about staying in and watching films every night. I think they think we are lazy!
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        Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like a lot of people these days we prefer to do it the same way as you! Just each other for company and a lovely meal and a bottle of plonk!! hic!Lovely! Enjoy it!!!! Sue xx


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          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!

          We are the same as well! We was going to eat out tonight but can't be bothered to be honest. its just nice when Wyatt gets a night off and we can snuggle down and watch the TV together.......although he has been known to nod off .lol

          Have a great day!!

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            Yay glad we're not alone in wanting to spend our anniversary this way, some of our friends have suggested we've become old fogeys lol.
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              Happy anniversary! I'm with the majority here... nothing like a night in, a nice meal, a good film and something nice to drink. Enjoy!

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                Happy anniversary. Sounds like a perfect way to spend your anniversary, we're the same, just as happy to spend the evening together at home. With two children sometimes its just easier. Enjoy your anniversary.


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                  Congratulations and happy anniversary!

                  (omg its 5 years for me and my husband next april too )


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                    Happy anniversary!! It's very cosy sitting in watching a DVD and gorging on food!
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                      My parents had their 30th anniversary the other day! Roll on the next 25 years hey!

                      night in with a pizza and a bottle of bubbles sounds like heaven to me


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                        Congrats! I just celebrated 20 years last month, can't quite believe it myself, I tell everyone I was a child bride! Sounds like a good way to spend it to me, have fun! Selina


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                          Congratulations to you both! We have just celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary, cant believe this time last year we were newly weds! As they say...time flies when your having fun!!

                          We celebrated with a posh bottle of fizzy too! It was nice just to be together rather than going out.

                          Hope OH doesn't get in too late and that you have a fab evening x


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                            Congratulations! and I can't think of a better way to celebrate your wedding anniversay either. . . . . . . except maybe on a deserted beach somewhere very remote and only each other for company.

                            This christmas we'll celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary and we still consider ourselves newlyweds! Don't think we've ever gone out to celebrate - its much cosier getting rid of the kids for the night (17 & 23 year old) snuggling up on the sofa with a takeaway, a bottle of something alcoholic and a good film to watch then, later on, stumbling drunkenly upstairs . . . . . . . .

                            Have a wonderful evening.

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                              COngratulations!! This time 5 years ago I was very heavily pregnant with Samuel hoping that he'd hurry up as I wanted to be able to get near the kitchen sink and was tired of peeing every hour on the hour........ he arrived on 13 Sept...

                              We've just done 8 years - and I hope you got more off your hubby than I did!!!