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Just back from heaven!

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  • Just back from heaven!

    Hi everyone, been away for a few days so I thought rather than trying to respond to all the newbies individually I'd roll everything up into one post!

    So; Hello to all you newbies who I haven't had a chance to greet personally!

    Also I just wanted to share my wonderful trip to Mid Wales with you all! We've just spent three days staying with my husband's cousin and his wife and five of their seven children and as usual I have come away full of inspiration, knowlege and drive! Jane has always created amazing things for her home and everytime we go there are more wonderful things for me to admire! This time I was particularily drawn to her wonderful embroideries (many of them still works in progress) and I'm intrigued by the way everything she makes has that wonderful slightly aged, vintage look that adds to the beauty of everything she makes. A truly inspirational trip and I can't wait to go again!
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    How right you are, a few days spent like that can do you as much good as a Caribbean Cruise. (Except for the tan of course).
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      Knowing you Nat, I'm sure you've told her what an inspiration she is to you and I bet she's thrilled to bits, how nice to have someone in your life who gives you such a great gift as that and just as nice to be the giver

      Shaz x
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